About Grace

About Grace

Our Mission: To assist Christian families in educating, equipping, and encouraging their children to influence the world for Christ.

Welcome from the Head of School

Grace Community School Jay FergusonMy name is Jay Ferguson, and I am Head of School at Grace. Thank you for being interested in our school. At Grace, our mission is to assist Christian families in educating, equipping, and encouraging their children to influence the world for Christ.

Our children are eternal beings, created by God for a purpose. We believe we are to train them with an eternal focus—not just to get into a good college, not just to get a job, but to serve Him both now and for eternity.

Our students are educated from a Christian worldview—not just personal relationships and character—but in math, science, art, government, literature, every area of human inquiry. Our students are taught to view all of life and learning from the Creator’s perspective.

Our students are trained to:

  • Apply what they believe to how they live.
  • Identify their God-given gifts and talents
  • See how they can be used for the Kingdom
  • See what they do in the future as a vocation given them by God, an area where they can use their unique set of gifts and talents to His glory, to further His Kingdom.

[tweet_box design=”box_07″]Children should be trained with an eternal focus—not just to get into a good college, not just to get a job, but to serve Him both now and for eternity.[/tweet_box]

God calls us to excellence, to love our God with all our minds. As a result, we are committed to giving your kids a top-notch education. Our students have attended colleges and universities all over the country and have succeeded there. Classes with National Merit Scholars are the rule, rather than the exception. Our students have received millions of dollars in scholarships, and many have attended our nation’s service academies. Our commitment to academic excellence is just one reason why Grace has become the largest private school in East Texas.

Grace offers highly developed sports and fine arts programs. Grace students are routinely recognized by winning many state championships in the sports and fine arts competitions in which we participate. We compete in TAPPS, the independent school league. Twice in the past 6 years, Grace has won the TAPPS all-around state championship for excellence in fine arts and athletics.

What excites me even more than excellence in these areas is the sense of community—Grace really does act as the Body of Christ. Time and time again students rally to support their classmates in times of need. Teachers serve not just as instructors, but as trusted friends and confidantes. Administrators take the time and energy to work with parents to meet students’ needs in a God-honoring way. Parents support and encourage each other through the often challenging trials of parenting, mentoring and edifying, and forming bonds of friendship that last far beyond their children’s tenure at Grace.

[tweet_box design=”box_07″]Children need to be taught to view all of life and learning from the Creator’s perspective.[/tweet_box]

You see, at Grace, not only are your kids a part of this community—you are, too. That sense of belonging, that commitment to being a part of something bigger than all of us, is what makes Grace the special place it is. It’s exciting to be a part of it, to see God’s hand at work at Grace. I’m excited about the prospects of your family joining us. Please contact our admissions office to see how your family can be a part of Grace.

Make your family part of ours.

[tweet_box design=”box_07″]The goal is for students to understand God’s Word and His perspective on all of life and all of creation.[/tweet_box]

Core Values

Redemptive Community

We serve a God who exists in eternal relationship. The Triune God has always existed in community- as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As image-bearers of God, we are also made for community. Education is an inherently relational process. It is a form of discipleship, and like all discipleship, the closer and more trusting the relationship, the more effective the educational process. Redemptive community, community that is God-glorifying and Spirit-breathed, is the catalyst, the medium through which great Christian education happens, through which great living happens.

Educational Sanctification

“Sanctification” captures the idea of holiness, to be set apart, completely other from the world. It also connotes the idea of a Holy Spirit-led, continuous process of moving forward, of becoming more in the image of Christ:  better, purer, more holy than we once were. Educational sanctification is the idea that God’s Word- the written, revealed Word and the Word made flesh through Jesus Christ- is the foundation of everything that we do as a school. The goal is for students to understand God’s Word and His perspective on all of life and all of creation.

Life as Worship

Human beings are created to worship, and if we are not worshiping God, we will worship something else. Accordingly, every conversation, presentation, chapel service, teachers’ conference, parent seminar, newsletter, or update is an opportunity to focus our hearts and minds, our identity, on our relationship with Christ. The school works hard to reinforce this truth by communicating it, and through its faculty and administrators modeling it for our families and students.

Jay’s Blog

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Jay Blogs – Listen, Connect, and Love

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Grace Community Church in Tyler TX

School History

Grace Community School was founded by Grace Community Church in 1973 and began with an enrollment of 60 students in grades 2-12. With the completion of the high school building in 1996, Grace expanded to two locations keeping the elementary on Old Jacksonville Road and moving the middle school and high school to University Boulevard. Today the school exists as a junior kindergarten -12th grade, coeducational, college-preparatory day school with selective admissions. The curriculum is rigorous and high moral standards are expected and encouraged. 















(VICE CHAIRMAN, 2017-2022)

















Make your family part of ours.