The Grace Faculty

Steve Parsons

English- High School
B.S., Baylor University
Steve has a great "God story" about coming to Grace. He was living in Austin and just happened to send his excellent teaching/coaching resume to Athletic Director Joseph Walker the same day that Coach Mike Maddox was headed to Austin for a coaching convention. Coach Walker called Coach Maddox, who had dinner with Coach Parsons that night, and the rest is history. There are additional details that show the story to be even more providential, but after moving back to East Texas eighteen months ago, it's all quite clear: God brought Coach Parsons to Grace. An accomplished English teacher, Parsons has taught the subject at every level in many different schools, yet still brings a passion for the subject each day in his classroom. His enthusiasm is contagious, and he has quickly become a favorite among students. In the same way, Coach Parsons has left his mark on several athletic programs. Although he coaches football and track, his work in the weight room touches many more sports. He is always willing to work with coaches to develop a weight-training program for athletes in their sport, and his summer "Camp of Champs" program has been extremely successful in developing student-athletes physically. If he's not on the field or in the classroom, students can usually find him in the weight room taking time to train Grace players safely and effectively. Coach Parsons' style, in the classroom or on the field, is very direct. His students know that he will tell them the truth, but they also know that it always comes from a position of love and wanting to make them better. His humor and love for people is evident, and he has quickly become an integral part of the Grace family. His scholarship, forthright wisdom, and passion show the perfect "heart behind the award" of all of our Grace teachers!