2020-2021 Athletic Competitions

Grace Community School is excited to have our athletics back on campus again! For that reason, making sure that we get to finish all of our seasons this year is a very high priority for us! In order to make that happen, we need your help!  Please take note of the following regulations:

For all games at Grace facilities this year (inside or outside), masks will be required in order to be admitted. This is a state, CDC, TEA (TX Educ. Agency), TAPPS and UIL requirement, so thank you for your understanding and compliance in this as well.
Admission will be via credit card transactions only. No cash transactions will be allowed. Cougar Backers should have already your pass in the mail, please be prepared to show it at the door. If you did not, we will have a current Cougar Backer list, so simply give them your name and your family will be admitted. For indoor events, capacity will be limited. Cougar Backers will still need to use our ticketless app to obtain their free tickets so that we keep our capacity numbers in check. More info on ticketless admission will be coming soon! If you want to sign up for a Cougar Backer Membership, click here.
For your safety, all concessions will be pre-packaged and will be credit card transactions only.

Watch games from home! Anyone can watch the games on our live streaming service as they will be broadcasted via the NFHS network. You can obtain a subscription as part of your Cougar Backer package, or you can sign up directly at https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/


At this time, for all volleyball games, only family groups will be allowed in the gyms to watch their players. Siblings, grandparents, and other close family are welcome. (This does not apply to football games.) This may change in the future, but for now, as we get started, we will not have students in the gyms watching their friends. We will need the excess space to properly social distance fans in family groups, so thank you for your understanding and compliance in this. 

For some indoor events with multiple games (such as A and B team Volleyball, or Freshman/JV/Varsity Basketball), we may require that family groups of the second or third games stay outside until their game is warming up. If your child plays in the second game, please wait outside, or in your car, so that we can properly social distance everyone inside. After the first game concludes, we will have all fans leave via different doors than admission while the second game’s fans are admitted at the admissions door. Thank you for your understanding and patience with this process as we try to keep everyone as safe as possible.

We know that this looks very different, and we are grateful for your patience! The heart of Grace Athletics is not changed by Covid-19 or anything else: We want to play, “For the Audience of One” and we’re so glad to be back doing that again!

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