For the next few weeks, we are going to look at the Portrait of an Elementary Graduate. At Grace Community School, “Teaching Jesus” means, by faith, using every resource at our disposal to equip students to “Learn Jesus” as exemplified by the following descriptors tied to the Grace Community School core values of Redemptive Community, Educational Sanctification, and Life as Worship. We will first look at Life as Worship. Worship for elementary students can be easily found during our daily Bible times, our Tuesday morning chapels, and the way we disciple our students. If you look closer, you can see our kids growing in understanding “Life as Worship” through the way they interact with one another and their teachers, through the way they apply themselves and think about to their schoolwork, and through learning how God has gifted them. Throughout the day, we nurture our boys and girls toward developing the mindset and attitude of the heart that EVERYTHING we do should be done as an act of worship unto the Lord.