This fall, Grace High School AP literature class has been focusing on some of the traditional approaches to faith and reading in the Church. The class learned about the Church Calendar and its rhythms, how the observation of time itself revolves around the life of Christ. The first half of the Church Calendar, beginning with Advent, celebrates the birth, life, ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension of our Lord. The second half of the Church Calendar year begins with Pentecost and celebrates the work of the Holy Spirit as He establishes the Body of Christ on earth through the church.
The Grace Class of 2022 wants to invite you to enter into this Great Story with them and to practice anew the ancient rhythms of the Church universal.
Their hope is that this devotional reminds you of these incarnational truths, and that these four weeks create space for you to read, wonder, and worship.
Each student received a copy of the devotional booklet. An online version is also available by clicking here.