Classical School PRINCIPAL

Classical School PRINCIPAL

Imagine a school where the love of Christ is lived every day, even among the faculty and staff…

Grace Community Classical School – Principal Profile

Grace Community Classical School, a hybrid classical division of traditional five-day Grace Community School, is seeking a principal to shepherd this new venture (begun fall 2017). This individual needs to be a passionate Christ-follower with experience in Christian classical education and knowledge of the hybrid model.  The job will include curriculum, teacher hiring and supervision, the ability to foster unity with the larger school, and the task of adding high school grade levels and graduation protocols, among other administrative duties.

Mission and Strategic Vision

Grace Community School exists to assist Christian families in educating, equipping, and encouraging their children to influence the world for Christ. We strive to “Teach Jesus” in all that we are and do. Together, we reflect our core value of “Life as Worship.”  In the past few years, the Lord has been directing us toward the goal of becoming more socioeconomically and ethnically diverse and the school has recently engaged in a year-long intensive strategic planning process to explore how to accomplish that. An early foray into that arena has been the establishment in fall 2017 of Grace Community Classical School, a school within a school, to accommodate a different demographic of families who need a lower price point, or who are committed to homeschooling, or who are encountering life circumstances which require schedule flexibility.


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Mission Integrity and Cultural Leadership

A key component to creating and sustaining the cultural values, Culture of Grace, requires that the principal provide vision and direction to the faculty and staff, establish and maintain strong discipleship-oriented personal relationships with faculty, students, and family members, speak the school values into the school community in words and writings, and model them incarnationally. This also means that the principal has a profound understanding of the “ministry of presence,” or the manner in which being at events and happenings in the lives of faculty and students communicates value and care.  Uniquely, the GCCS principal will also have to work at integrating GCCS into the culture of the 5-day school, nurturing an “us” mentality rather than an “us and them” mentality.

Team Building

The Grace Community Classical School principal is a member of the head of school’s leadership team, which provides daily direction to the school. The principal interviews, selects, orients new faculty; observes and supervises instruction and faculty-wide professional development; and will mentor faculty to achieve their highest personal levels of professional excellence.

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Curriculum Formation

An academically creative, innovative classically experienced leader with a strong foundation in biblical integration works with a gifted faculty to design and oversee the development of Christ-centered, academically excellent, classical curriculum. The principal has the opportunity to chart exciting new ground in enhancing student learning by using technology in redemptive ways, especially by developing appropriate online content.

Community Building

A consensus-building, collaborative leader who understands the value of authentic Christian community will enjoy and thrive in the redemptive community for which Grace Community School is known. Not only will this leader have the opportunity to foster and further this spirit of community among students, teachers, and families, but he or she will have the task of creatively building and sustaining community between G Community Classical School and Grace Community School.

CESA Council on Educational Standards & Accountability

The Individual

Leading Grace Community Classical School requires an appreciation of the historical forces that shape Grace and a commitment to its potential as a culture-leading institution in East Texas and the United States. The principal is to be an enthusiastic promoter of the Grace Community School mission and the Christian school movement generally.

Most of all, the high school principal will lead through a powerful Christian testimony and witness, a humble spirit, and a heart guided by prayer.

Professional Criteria

A strong disciple of Jesus Christ who manifests personal integrity and professionalism providing spiritual leadership to faculty and staff. A clearly articulated and demonstrated biblical philosophy of education. A master’s degree in Education, Educational Leadership, or a closely related field. Experience in Christian Classical education and familiarity with the hybrid model, with a willingness to learn more.

Fluency in standard educational research, current best practices in the delivery of academic programs, experience with learning differences and issues, and effective instructional supervision techniques. Competence in administrative budgeting and financial recordkeeping and control procedures.

Performance Support and Review

Grace’s head of school is passionate about his staff’s personal and professional success, and formally supports the GCCS principal. Performance reviews are based on collaboratively determined annual goals and initiatives, and revisited annually, at a minimum. The principal participates in forming school-wide policy through twice-monthly leadership meetings, and coordinates activity with the elementary, junior high, and high school principals. The principal’s compensation is benchmarked annually to the top Christian schools in the country through data compiled by CESA, the Council of Educational Standards and Accountability.  Since Grace Community Classical School is a small new hybrid school which meets only 2-3 days per week, the GCCS principal will initially have other duties in the 5-day school or a prorated salary.

Tyler, Texas

The Rose Capital of America, Tyler is located in the piney woods of East Texas, with a New South feel. It is a regional hub, less than two hours from Dallas and three and a half hours from Houston. It features lakes, golf courses, four large private schools of more than 600 students, and lots of other educational options. It is thriving economically, based primarily upon the engergy, medical, and technology industries. Tyler has hundreds of churches, a strong Christian ethos, a thriving arts culture, and was named by the Chronicle of Philanthropy as the most generous city in Texas.

The Application Process

Applicants may apply by submitting the following to Karla Foreman, Director of Curriculum of Grace Community School, and Principal of Grace Community Classical School, 3001 University Blvd, Tyler, Texas 75701;

Fill out an application, resume or CV Letter of interest to include: philosophy of Christian education, and list of references.