Early Education Curriculum

Grace Early Education offers a Christ-centered kindergarten readiness program for infants through pre-k in Tyler and Lindale.

Grace Early Education

Kindergarten Readiness

As a parent, you want to give your child the best possible start to school. Who will teach and care for my child? And what will my child be learning each day? are questions you’ve likely asked yourself. Alignment between school and home is crucial in these early years, so that the lessons you are modeling at home are reinforced — not deconstructed — at school.

At Grace Early Education, we believe in the right combination of learning and loving: learning key fundamentals for kindergarten readiness and nurturing the love of Christ for healthy social and emotional development. 

As a parent, you will see your child:

  • Master new skills through play, movement, music, and biblical integration of developmentally appropriate content
  • Practice social skills through positive interactions, while also learning how to get along with classmates and correct ways to deal with feelings and emotions
  • Establish a lifelong love of Christ through dedicated Bible lessons, biblical integration in the classroom, and attending chapel starting at age 2 
  • Receive individualized attention with two teachers in every classroom, assuring  your child isn’t going to get lost in a crowded environment

At Grace Early Education, we’re laying the groundwork for a strong academic foundation at every stage:

  • Our Frog Street Press curriculum (infancy through age 4)  uses themes, stories, poems, dancing, and music to make content engaging, accessible, and seamlessly integrated. Your child will learn the essentials for reading and math. 
  • Our Footsteps for Fours curriculum (ages 4-5) is from Bob Jones University Press and has Christian values woven into each lesson. Through themes, songs, and activities, little learners are taught values and social skills alongside primary academic principles. Daily phonics, pre-reading activities, and math lessons explore foundational skills while music, science, language arts, social studies, and handwriting exercises give little learners opportunities for exploration and engagement. 
  • Our Sing, Spell, Read, & Write curriculum  (ages 4-5) teaches alphabetic principles, phonemic awareness, sound/letter correspondence, short vowel sounds, blending, and handwriting, all in a fun and engaging way. 
  • Our art, music, and theater lessons (infancy through age 5) bring out each child’s inner artist, fostering and instilling creativity, and rounding out a Grace EEC education. 


“The best thing we could have done for our girls was to start them at Grace Early Education and then make the transition to Grace Community. Grace allows us the opportunity to continue with faith-based learning and for us to provide our daughters with a strong community.”


EEC Parent


Little learners benefit from an environment where they don’t have to compete for attention, where they will be known, loved, and seen. At Grace Early Education, we have two teachers in every classroom, ensuring personalized attention and individualized assistance.

Infants (8 weeks+)
2:10 – teacher:child ratio
2:12 – teacher:child ratio 
Two Year Olds
2:14 – teacher:child ratio
Three Year Olds
2:15 – teacher:child ratio
Four Year Olds
2:16 – teacher:child ratio
K4 (Four and Five Year Olds)
2:17  – teacher:child ratio

“I teach K4 at Grace Early Education. I truly wake up every morning excited to be in the classroom. Working at Grace, I have the honor of teaching Jesus in & through our everyday studies. In teaching “All About Me,” we have the opportunity to discuss how God gave us our 5 senses to enjoy the world He created just for us. A favorite part of my job is when the children end up teaching and blessing me with their child-like wisdom & faith. I am blessed beyond measure to be a part of the Grace family.”

Melissa Miller

K4 Teacher at Grace EEC

At the end of our early education program, your child will be confident and prepared for kindergarten. Our preschool graduates are well-rounded with a comprehensive academic and biblical foundation, and the social skills necessary to interact with peers and adults respectfully. They’re reading, writing, and have mastered basic math skills. Oh, and our graduates can also continue building on those skills at Grace Community School (K-12)

As a Grace Early Education family, you have priority access to Grace Community School through a simplified application process, which makes for a seamless transition to elementary school. Learn more by visiting www.gracetyler.org.

See a Preschool Classroom

To get the best feel of our program, we encourage you to schedule a tour and see for yourself the learning environment we create at Grace. We’ll be happy to answer your questions about what your child will be learning and how we can help them flourish in our community.