EEC Testimonials

Grace Early Education Center offers Christ-centered education for children eight weeks to four years old in both Tyler and Lindale, Texas.

“We initially chose Grace EEC for daycare because we desired a Christian church-based daycare to love on and help care for our children while we worked. We actually didn’t look anywhere else. Grace EEC has been nothing but a blessing to us and our boys!

We have chosen to stay at Grace for our boys education not to shelter our children from the world but to give them the extra support needed to stand in faith in a broken world. As a teacher’s kid I have slowly watched the education in public schools begin to be less about educating and more about what the top educators select for our kids to know. We don’t want our boys to only learn what was selected for every child in America to learn. We want them educated. This Is what moved us to Grace where education is actually a broad education taught from biblical truth in every aspect of education.

Based on the education our oldest received in the EEC we felt that he would be bored in a public kindergarten setting because he had learned so much from the amazing teachers in the EEC.  More than a daycare. More than a job. Grace has loved our boys and our family and for that we have chosen to stay.”

Lawson Family

Ethan-kinder, Connor-EEC

“We entrusted Grace Early Education with our son and then our daughter when they were both about 3 years old.  They learned so much and we were so pleased with the Faith-based curriculum they were taught, as well as the love they received.  When it came time to go to school (having been raised in Christian schools) my husband and I wanted to continue a faith-based education with our children. However, the education portion was as important to us as the faith portion, and Grace Community School provides both at an exceptional level.  We knew when they were awarded the Blue Ribbon Status we had our children in an amazing educational environment.

The teachers at both EEC and School truly “love” our kiddos and its so sweet to see them get to engage with those that have invested in their lives.  Holt is now in 4th grade and Katie is in 2nd grade.  We have been blessed in each year with amazing teachers from K3 to now!!!  It is worth the investment for us to have our children in an educational environment that they feel LOVE and VALUED.”

Shirley Thomas

“Our 7 year old started at Grace EEC as an infant. The staff there have been amazing and have become a part of our family. Our second daughter is currently in the EEC PreK program with some of the kindest and most patient teachers I have met.

The best thing we could have done for our girls is start them at Grace EEC and then make the transition to Grace Community. Lynlee is now in the First Grade. She is building such an amazing foundation of God and the Bible. We included her in the decision of public vs private school, she couldn’t imagine going to a school where there didn’t teach about God.
Grace Community allows us the opportunity to continue with faith based learning and for us to provide our daughters with a strong community. My husband is a Grace alumni and he is a strong believer in the education Grace provided him.  This is my first experience with Grace, but I am so very thankful for it.”

Chris, Kandiss, Lynlee and Savannah Hearn

“I teach K4 at Grace EEC. I truly wake up every morning excited to be in the classroom. Working at Grace, I have the honor of teaching Jesus in & through our everyday studies. In teaching “All About Me,” we have the opportunity to discuss how God gave us our 5 senses to enjoy the world He created just for us. A favorite part of my job is when the children end up teaching and blessing me with their child-like wisdom & faith. I am blessed beyond measure to be a part of the Grace family.”

Melissa Miller

K4 Teacher at Grace EEC