Parent TIPS is a resource for parents that provides knowledge, tools, and encouragement in four key areas that impact the hearts and minds of their students.
The TIPS stands for 
Technology, Identity formation, Perspectives, and Spiritual growth.


The internet is a complex reality, new Apps are constantly being created, and the need to use technology well and safely is great.
Ephesians 5:15


Knowing “who” we are and “whose” we are gives us a sense of self and a sense of worth that is crucial in the formation of how we see ourselves.
1 Peter 1:18-19


There is a great battle in secular culture against truth and morality, standing firm requires thinking with the mind of Christ
Romans 12:2



Growing in the likeness of Jesus is a lifelong journey of obedience and transformation that produces in us the supernatural qualities we need to flourish.
Galatians 5:22-23


Men’s Bible Study

Join us as we study God’s word, cultivate godly character, and build friendships alongside other Grace men. We will gather weekly in small groups (in-person or online) and dig into the book of Colossians. The nine-week series will start the week of September 20th. Click here to register

Coffee with a Counselor

Please join Millie Tanner, LPC, from Solace Counseling Center on October 15th at 8:00 AM upstairs in room 205 at the lower campus. Millie will share about “Helping Kids with Anxiety.” She will give you strategies to help them thrive.

Marriage Night

Grace Community Church invites GCS parents to an evening to laugh, learn, and grow in your marriage. This livestream experience will be held outdoors on the Grace baseball field on October 17th at 6:00 PM. Click here to register or for more information.


Parent & Family Resources

The Ultimate Guide to TikTok

With so many social networks to keep track of, it’s not surprising if your kid’s obsession with the TikTok app leaves you scratching your head.  So what is it exactly?  Read Common Sense Media’s full review of TikTok and help your kids use it safely with answers to parents’ most frequently asked questions.

Anxiety Conversation Kit

You or your kids feeling a little anxious?  Sit down with your family this week and watch our Conversation Kit to Anxiety completely free!

AXIS Resources

To access the AXIS resources, please log in to FACTS/RenWeb and look under the resources section for the links to the following.

A Parent’s Guide to Family Nights

As things seem to change daily due to COVID-19 we will likely be spending more and more time together as a family.  To help you make the most of this new found time, we made this guide.

Coming Together During Covid-19

This 10 page PDF walks you through the difficulties of dealing with a world in panic.  We also give you 34 tips on how your family can make the most of this pandemic. 

Home Scavenger Hunt by Jonathon McKee

Tired of being stuck at home watching Netflix?  Tired of your lack of social connection with your friends?  Try this…text a group of your friends and challenge their families to “Jonathan’s 15-minute home scavenger hunt.”  It’s simple. Tell them at 7:00PM sharp they will all receive a list. At 7:00PM send them Jonathan’s list (which probably has way more items than any one family can get) and give them these instructions:

  • In a group text, send ONE picture of as many of these items as you can by 7:15PM—gather all the items on the floor and take one clear picture where all items can be seen in one shot.  
  • For each item in the picture you will get 100 points.  
  • For each minute after 7:15 you get minus 100 points.  
  • No pictures will be accepted at all after 7:20. 
  • Family with the most points wins!

We hope you will enjoy this with your family! You can find this Home Scavenger Hunt on Jonathon’s website at

Here’s the list:

  • A set of black shoelaces
  • An expired driver’s license
  • An unopened pack of toilet paper
  • A wedding picture
  • A dead bug
  • A dog collar
  • A fried egg
  • A crescent wrench
  • A crescent roll (cooked)
  • A picture of a crescent moon
  • A feather pillow (which is perfect for a pillow fight)
  • A VHS tape
  • Any Star Wars film on disc or tape
  • A cassette tape
  • A cat
  • A set of AirPods
  • A flip phone
  • A bow and arrow
  • A book by James Patterson
  • Any KitchenAid brand appliance
  • A can of some diet drink
  • A NFL jersey (not t-shirt)
  • A red stapler
  • A black leather Bible
  • A business card
  • A crock pot
  • A deck of cards
  • A yellow pages phone book
  • Flushable wipes
  • A blow dryer
  • Vitamin C tablets
  • A bobby pin
  • A swim cap
  • A bird (good luck with the cat)
  • A flashlight
  • 10 cans of soup stacked in a pyramid
  • A McDonalds bag or wrapper of any sort
  • A bottle of Pepto Bismol (a necessity if you have the above item)
  • A silver dollar
  • A barbie
  • A roll of quarters
Meet Our Team
Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson

Director of Spiritual Formation/High School Bible & Varsity Tennis

Scott was born in Phoenix, AZ. He is married to an amazing woman, Shari GCS Director of Admissions, and they have six children. He earned his master’s degree at Western Seminary. He enjoys sports and values the life lessons that can be learned through them. Coach Wilson loves to cook, eat, watch movies, and spend time with family, friends, and students.