Day 3: December 27: The Feast of St. John the Apostle

1 John 1

Now we have come to the third of the Twelve Days of Christmas, and today is known for its remembrance of Saint John. Not only did John author a Gospel, three Epistles and the Book of Revelation, he is also remembered as one of the closest disciples of Jesus, or the “one whom Jesus loved.”

Today’s reading comes out of 1 John, specifically the first chapter. As you’re reading the passage, you’ll come to this idea of the fellowship of believers and living in the darkness versus the light. I personally believe these two ideas go together to create this more significant lesson that we all can learn from during both this Christmas season and everyday life. As believers, we are called to be in fellowship with one another and with God. But to be in fellowship with God, we must be in His light, because Jesus is the God of Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all. So then, as we are in fellowship with God in the light, we too must call our brothers and sisters into the light through fellowship.

The reason that this passage is the lesson for St. John’s day is not just because he wrote these words but because He was in fellowship with Jesus in person. John tells us in his Epistle that he touched, saw, heard, and spent time with the resurrected Jesus. Not only do we celebrate the physicality of our Savior, we see the reality of His Incarnation continue through our fellowship and connection with one another and with God himself. We know God through His people, His body.

My hope for you all as you continue this season of Christmas is that you would embrace fellowship. First, spend time with God and make sure you are in the light. Then, spend time with those around you, whether it be family or friends, or even just acquaintances. Maybe invite someone from work or school over to dinner. Invite someone you may not be close to for lunch. Share your testimony the next time you get the opportunity. Check in on people and offer prayer and community for those who are in need. Bring everyone around you into the light by showing them the true love of the God of Light, Jesus Christ.

Prayer of the Day:

Lord, I pray that through the next few days of this season, I would embrace you and the light of your Goodness. I pray that I would not only embrace it but show it to those around me in order for them to be in fellowship with both me and you. Thank you for this season and for what you did by coming to this earth for us. Amen


This day is used to remember one of the closest disciples and friends of Jesus, Saint John. While traditionally, this day was celebrated by drinking wine and bread, my best suggestion is to spend this day with your friends and family. The holiday season can be one of the most stressful times of the year, but the best way to find joy through the stress is to spend time with those you love.

Asa Cathey,

Class of 2023


Hey, my name is Asa Cathey, and I have been here at Grace for basically my whole life! I came to Grace 13 years ago in Kindergarten. I currently am on the Varsity Track and Field team for discus and the Varsity Swim team.  I’m also the first chair trumpet for the state champion concert band. After I graduate, I will be attending Southwestern Assemblies of God University to study Church Leadership. My goal is to become a Children’s Pastor within the next few years to serve God because I’ve decided to dedicate my life to God and ministering to others. I was accepted near the end of October, and I’m lucky to be able to say that I am officially going to be a SAGU Lion in the very near future. In the past, my entire extended family used to have a yearly Christmas tradition of Christmas caroling around their home town on Christmas Eve. We would take a trailer and put hay bales down to ride on. We would first visit the most elderly in town to sing and bring food and then we would ride around and have fun singing. The one tradition that carries on to the present day is that we watch a Christmas Story every single year despite the fact that out of the entire family, only me and a few other people actually enjoy the movie.