Safety & Security

Safety & Security

The safety and security of our students, staff, and families are priorities at Grace Community School. Several steps have been taken to improve our procedures through the development of a multi-layered approach. While some safety and security strategies utilized by Grace are confidential, we can share with you the following tools we have in place. If you have any questions or concerns, please email

Access Control

All campus buildings have controlled access with one entry point for visitors during the school day. All exterior doors remain locked, and a video-based monitoring system is utilized to buzz visitors through a specified front door after their ID has been verified and the nature of their visit is made known.

Raptor System

The Raptor Visitor Management System® allows us to screen all guests who enter our school, giving us the ability to decide exactly who is allowed further access into the building.  All parents and guests should be prepared to stop at the front desk and present their driver’s license when visiting campus during school hours. 

Active Defender App

Using the Active Defender app, we are able to quickly notify other staff members and security personnel of an emergency, pinpoint the location of the crisis, and engage in real-time communication with responders.

Board & Task Force

Our Safety Advisory Board meets weekly to review policy, protocol, and current events to ensure that Grace is taking all steps necessary to protect our staff and students to the best of our ability. The School Safety Task Force, comprised of board members, faculty, teachers, and parents (including many in law enforcement), meets throughout the school year to give an all-encompassing perspective of the day-to-day issues facing our students and staff as it relates to safety.

Screenings & Drills

Criminal history background checks are conducted on all employees and volunteers who work or volunteer for Grace Community School. All employees receive safety training, including the Standard Response Protocol and Ministry Safe® sexual abuse awareness training. Each campus participates in lockdown drills each year in addition to fire and weather-related drills.


Video surveillance cameras help the front office and security personnel monitor the interior and exterior of each building.

Armed Personnel

Grace has a team of armed personnel who are licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau. This team has undergone extensive training and meets routinely throughout the year for ongoing training.

Response Protocol

The Standard Response Protocol (SRP) is nationally recognized and provides consistent, clear, shared language and actions among all students, staff, and security personnel that can be applied in any emergency.

Locked Doors & ID

Our door-locking system is the foundation of keeping our students safe. All doors are locked at all times, and students can enter the buildings by swiping their ID card. All guests must enter through the school office.