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at Grace Community School  | GRADES 9-12

With high school on the horizon, you realize that the next four years will have a significant impact on who your child becomes.

As they mature into a young adult, you want them in the best environment possible — one where they can get ready for college, grow in their faith, and discover God’s calling on their life. You also want them in a safe place where they can have fun and make lifelong memories during their last four years of childhood.

At Grace Community School, your family will discover a vibrant community where high school students thrive in the classroom and beyond. Our unapologetically Christian curriculum equips students to expand the kingdom through sharing the gospel and flourish as they take their next step, whether that be college, a career, or ministry calling.

We invite you to learn more about our high school, and how it prepares students not just for college, but for life through academia, leadership, service, and character development. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of what we offer, including:

Academic Offerings
College & Career prep
school culture
campus safety

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Tailored Academics

Students can challenge themselves with a variety of Honors and AP® classes, as well as Dual Enrollment classes through East Texas Baptist University. All students graduate under the Texas Foundation High School Program with a Distinguished Level of Achievement. Students may also choose to graduate as a Prestigious Scholar by taking three or more years of foreign language and a minimum of four AP® classes. Our counselors work with each student to ensure they are selecting a course load that is right for them.

Intentional Teachers

Our low student-to-teacher ratio fosters an environment where teachers can care for teens not only as students, but as people. Our Christian educators make themselves available to students outside class time and many of them lead small groups, coach sports teams, and lead other after school activities where they can further invest in students’ lives.

Award-Winning Fine Arts

Whether competing in TAPPS competitions or performing for our school community, students involved in our fine arts programs glorify God with their talents. We offer visual art, drama, band, choir, drumline, and orchestra, allowing high school students to explore their creative interests, prepare for college-level performance, or simply cultivate a lifelong hobby.

Exciting Electives

High school electives at Grace include engineering, forensics, music and film, theater, ceramics, film editing, and several Bible-centered courses such as hard topics, chapel practicum, and Jesus in Art. These classes allow students to explore a variety of career fields while building relationships with peers over shared interests and experiences.

Championship-Winning Athletics

If you’re looking for a private school with a robust athletics program, GCS is pleased to offer 56 different teams in 20 sports. High participation (78 percent of high schoolers are student athletes) encourages students to get involved and reap the many benefits of healthy activity and a team family. Our Cougars have brought home six state championships, 29 district championships, and 9 regional championships, and were the Henderson Cup Champion in both 2022 and 2011. Most importantly, they glorify Jesus on and off the field.

How Can Your Teen Make the Most of Their Time in High School?

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Prepared for College, Prepared for Life

It’s no surprise that 100% of GCS graduates are accepted to college; they spend four years intentionally preparing for the next step, pursuing excellence in the classroom and beyond. Whether your child has dreams of attending one of the top universities in the nation, or may be considering an alternate path such as trade school, we’re equipped to help them prepare for life beyond high school.

9th Grade

We begin by encouraging students to identify their strengths, abilities, and interests, which will ultimately help them choose a career they are passionate about. With the support of our guidance team, students use Scoir, a web-based college and career planning program that will track progress over the next four years.

10th Grade

Using Scoir, students complete a career assessment that provides invaluable information for future planning. Our guidance team will continue to help students identify courses that interest them and help accomplish their goals.

11th Grade

Juniors work hard in the classroom and take on leadership roles to distinguish themselves from the crowd as they continue in their college research and prepare for admissions testing. We help students prepare for the ACT/SAT, and facilitate college fairs and visits to help them compile a list of their best-fit schools.

12th Grade

Our guidance office supports seniors as they complete applications, write essays, visit campuses, and search for scholarships. We understand that it can be a stressful time and make ourselves available to support students and families as they make a final decision regarding their post-graduation plans.

We are thankful that at GCS our children are not just a number. They have been a part of the Grace family since Day 1. Every teacher we have partnered with and every administrator we have worked with has a vested interest in their academic careers and spiritual walk with Christ.


A Christ-Centered Culture

We don’t just want our high school graduates to be prepared for college, we want them to be prepared to be servant leaders, community members, and world changers. This is accomplished through:

Deeper learning: Research, critical thinking, study skills, and biblical integration are hallmarks of our curriculum, allowing students to learn how to think for themselves and face the challenges of university and everyday life.

Authentic relationships: Student-led Bible studies and accountability groups are common among GCS high schoolers. Our Chapel is also student-led and organized. Through fellowship and community projects, students solidify positive, affirming relationships that last a lifetime.

Character development: Students are given opportunities to put their faith into practice every day, becoming men and women of Godly character. As they face the inevitable pressures of adolescence, they have a firm foundation of God’s word and unwavering support to provide wisdom.

Teaching Jesus: Our high school faculty embodies our purpose of Teaching Jesus. Every teacher, guidance counselor, or coach your child will have at Grace has a personal relationship with Jesus and a passion for educating students in His truth. Watch these short videos to meet a few of our teachers and see Teaching Jesus in action.

Meet a Teacher

Meet Our Principals

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Lanny Witt

High School Principal

Lanny Witt

High School Principal

M.A., Abilene Christian University

Lanny has been in education since 1984 where he spent 9 years in public school before becoming a Christian school administrator in 1993.  Lanny and his wife Carol have served in Christian education for 26 years.  Both of them received degrees from Abilene Christian University and Lanny has a Masters degree in both Education Administration and Christian Practice.   Lanny and Carol have two daughters.  Haley is married and lives in Searcy, Arkansas and Heather will be married next month and will live in Memphis.  Haley is a nurse and Heather is a Social Worker.  The Witt family loves to travel and do mission work.  The Witts have done mission work in India, Kenya, the Philippines, Mexico and other locations within the United States. 

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Tandy Hicks

High School Assistant Principal

Tandy Hicks

High School Assistant Principal

M.A., Indiana Wesleyan University

Tandy serves as the assistant principal of the high school and joined Grace in 2019. She has an extensive background in education and has taught almost every grade level from kindergarten to high school. Tandy earned her master’s degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. She and her husband, Mark, have been married for more than 20 years and have four children. Their two adult children, Terrell and Taliyah, are in college and their younger two children, Tariyah and Tyler, attend Grace Community High School.


Prioritizing Safety

As a parent, you know that your student’s environment matters. You want them to feel a sense of security as they navigate our ever-changing world. GCS places a strong emphasis on both physical and emotional safety. Our campuses are highly secure, with protection officers on site, auto-locking doors, and background checks for all staff. Teachers remain connected with families to help students hone their strengths and overcome gaps, and students receive continual support from their small group families.

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