High School

High School

A private school in Tyler, Texas, that takes seriously the statement that “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, ‘Mine!'”

GCS High School

A National Blue Ribbon, College Prep School

Prepared for Thought

Grace Community High School offers students an outstanding opportunity to come of age in a supportive, exciting environment. Grace offers an outstanding college-preparatory curriculum. Our goal is to challenge students intellectually, and to prepare them to take responsibility for their education.

Research, critical thinking, study skills, and biblical integration are hallmarks of our
Humanities-Plus curriculum. Students receive individualized attention and support, and leave Grace well prepared to face the academic challenges of university life.

At the same time, our students have outstanding opportunities to participate in a wide variety of co-curricular activities. They regularly compete at the championship level in athletic and performing arts competitions.

Clubs and service organizations allow students to gain a better understanding of their talents and skills. The chance for students to avail themselves of many different activities is a Grace distinctive.

Prepared for Life

Our high school prepares students not just for college, but for life. Student-led Bible studies and accountability groups are prevalent. Chapel is also student-led and organized. Community projects are staples of student life. Young men and women solidify positive, affirming relationships that last for life. Students are taught how to take ownership of their faith and to take responsibility for their spiritual growth.

A Christian education must be rooted in a firm foundation of God’s Word. At Grace, our children are given the tools they need to become men and women of godly character. They are encouraged and given opportunities to put their faith into practice every day.

Students are encouraged to develop accountability among friends and classmates. Through class trips, they develop edifying friendships and build community. As they deal with the inevitable pressures of adolescence, teachers come alongside to give counsel and guidance, to lead them in prayer and provide wisdom.

GCS High School News

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High School Highlights


A primary goal of Grace is to provide an outstanding academic education, where the courses are integrated under a Humanities-Plus umbrella and require intellectual rigor. Authentic biblical integration is the hallmark of our curriculum as we seek to unify an uncompromised core of knowledge, a thoroughly biblical worldview, the opportunity to discover individual gifts and talents, the practice of moral and social responsibility, and a transcendent purpose.  Our Academic Support Center exists to come alongside those students who need additional learning support, and to implement an academic plan for students with diagnosed learning differences.


We strive to enhance student learning through the effective use of digital technology in every class and to equip students to be productive, responsible digital citizens.  We currently have a one-to-one iPad program to help equip GCS High School students for a digital world.  A project-based dual credit computer class, a computer science practicum, and the opportunity to help with the junior high coding club give technology-inclined students more opportunities.  Additionally, a green room and two Media Center “Wonderspaces” provide the hardware and software for digital video production.

Fine Arts

The Grace fine arts department office choir, band, orchestra, drum line, drama, and visual arts.  Regular programs include several plays and concerts each year, an inter-departmental musical every other year, and numerous competitions. All of our art programs have enjoyed great success through the years, including the following honors from 2015-2016: third place in TAPPS State for one-act play, band, and orchestra; third consecutive TAPPS State Championship from drum line; and fifth consecutive TAPPS State Championship for vocal music.


Grace athletic tams compete in TAPPS 4A in football, volleyball, cross country, basketball, soccer, swimming, track, tennis, golf, baseball, softball, cheerleading, and drill team.  In 21 years of TAPPS competition, Grace has won 24 state championships, been runner-up seven times, and won 86 district championships.

Accelerated Courses

THe following courses are taught at an advanced level.  In order of increasing level of difficulty, courses may be designated as Honors (H), Pre-AP (PAP), and Advanced Placement (AP®) or Advanced (ADV).  Weighting is explained under “Grade Average Computation.”

English 9 H, English 10 H, English 11 H, English 11 AP®, English 12 H, English 12 AP®, Ancient World History/Geography H, Modern World History/Geography H, US History AP®, Economics AP®, and Government

Geometry PAP, Algebra 2 PAP, Pre-calculus/Trig PAP, Statistics ADV, and Calculus AP®

Science & Technology
Biology PAP, Chemistry PAP, Physics PAP, Physics AP®, Anatomy & Physiology H, Cell Biology ADV, and Computer Science PAP

Foreign Language
Spanish 3 PAP, College Spanish, and Spanish 4 AP®

Fine Arts
Advanced Art H

AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.

Additional Resources

Parent and Student Handbook, click here.
2019-2020 High School Supply List

Graduation Requirements

Grace Community School offers two programs of study.  The Required program corresponds to the Texas Recommended High School Program.  The Distinguished Scholars program is more rigorous, including a minimum of 4 AP classes and a third year of Foreign Language.

All students are also required to earn 160 community service hours during the four years of high school.  Students must earn at least 20 hours in student activities and service to the school, and a minimum of 40 hours each in church service, local community service, and national or world service.

Grade Average Computation

Numeric grades on a 100 scale are assigned in all classes.  The cumulative average is derived from the averages of all courses completed at Grace Community School in grades 9-12.  Courses transferred from other schools are not included in the cumulative average.

Due to an increased level of difficulty, all courses designated AP® or ADV are weighted 5 points, and courses designated PAP are weighted 3 points.

Approximation of the numeric average on a 4.0 scale is achieved as the following:

Numeric grade          Grade point conversion
105-90                     4
89-80                       3
79-70                       2
below 70                  0

AP® and Advanced Placement® are registered trademarks of the College Board. Used with permission.

Class Rank

Grace Community School provides a rigorous college preparatory curriculum for all students and does not report class rank. Valedictorian and Salutatorian are determined by the cumulative numerical averages for all classes completed at Grace in grades 9-12.

National Merit History

In 18 years of participation with the National Merit Scholarship Competition, 39 Grace students have been recognized as Commended Scholars and 9 have been named Finalists.

ACT Averages (class of 2016)
Top 10% Mid-50% Entire Class
English 34.8 22-32 26.7
Math 33.2 21-27 24.1
Reading 35 23-31 27.3
Science 33 22-27 24.8
Composite 33 23-29 25.9
SAT Averages (class of 2016)
Top 10% Mid-50% Entire Class
Critical Thinking 688 510-640 568
Math 714 490-630 555
Writing 730 500-620 551

Meet Our Team

Brian Benscoter

Brian Benscoter


Brian was serving in the United States Air Force when God called him out of the military into full-time ministry.  He earned a pre-seminary degree at William Tyndale College, two master’s degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary, and has completed post-graduate education work at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Liberty University. He has served as a youth pastor for five years, and has been serving in Christian education as a high school teacher, campus pastor, principal, and head of school for the past twenty-three years in two schools prior to Grace. He has served as a conference teacher and speaker for ACSI, a member on the international board for a Christian school in Romania, and an ACSI Accreditation Commissioner. He has been married to his best friend, Vicky, a native Texan and registered nurse. They met as students at Dallas Theological Seminary. God has blessed them with three daughters (which makes me a part of the DODO Club – Daddies of Daughters Only): Elizabeth, who travels the world, is an Elementary Technology-Whiz Christian School Educator at GCS; Laura who is currently a Level 4 in Krav Maga and works at UCLA; and Anna who attends Mississippi State University in their Pre-Occupational Therapy program. They have a golden doodle, Jewels, who once she loves you will NOT (translation: NEVER) leave you alone.  Daily prayer and study time in the Word of God are priorities.  He enjoys and is committed to leading faculty and helping students “Think & Live” – Think critically about all topics from the Christian Worldview, and Live as intelligent, wholehearted followers of Jesus Christ.

Joshua Webb

Joshua Webb

Assistant Principal

Joshua has served as the high school assistant principal since 2018. He previously served as the director of college guidance from 2007-2018 and high school physics instructor from 2004-2007. Joshua received his bachelor’s of science degree from Louisiana Tech University and holds a Professional Guidance Counselor certification for College Admission Counseling and Advising. Joshua and his wife, Rebecca, have four children attending GCS.

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