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A private school in Tyler, Texas, that takes seriously the statement that “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of our human existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry, ‘Mine!'”

GCS Middle School

Navigating The Curious Years

Why Grace for Middle School?

Thank you for visiting the Grace Middle School page. I do hope that this information is helpful to you and please do feel free to contact us if you have any questions or you need further assistance.

The Grace Middle School has grown into a strong supportive community of learners with a wide variety of opportunities which assist our students to discover and nurture their God-given passions and talents. The core academic subjects are blended with quality fine art and sports programs. Every subject and every program are taught and coached for the Audience of One.  By the time the Middle School students leave for their high school years, they have been prepared academically, spiritually, physically, socially, and emotionally.

Grace Middle School seeks to nurture the spiritual growth of the students through weekly chapels, Caritas (small groups), Bible classes, service opportunities, and a Biblically-based curriculum.

The Grace faculty and staff are qualified and experienced and they care so much for their students and the quality of the educational program. The Middle School faculty and staff strive to create a challenging, safe, and loving learning environment for their students.

We are honored to partner with families during these exciting years of your child’s life.  Please do feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to visit Grace. We would love the opportunity to meet you and your child.

GCS Middle School News

Jay Blogs – A Better Vision IV- The Third Way

Jay Blogs – A Better Vision IV- The Third Way

Last week, I wrote about a Christian perspective on life, and how that viewpoint was radically different than that of the world around us.  Because the way most of us see the world around us has shifted over the last 500 years, our default is to no longer see life...

Become a Grace Cougar Cub

Become a Grace Cougar Cub

It’s never too soon to start planning for the future! Parents with children 0 – 5 years of age are invited to meet with the leadership team and learn what makes Grace the best place for your child, both spiritually and academically. Tuesday, October 20th Grace...

Grade Level Highlights

Sixth Grade Curriculum
Sixth grade students now join the wonderful world of the Middle School. This year will be filled with many changes as our students continue to learn more about themselves, their fellow-classmates, and their God.  Sixth graders are introduced to the fine art classes which include art, choir, drama, band, and orchestra.  Students may participate in cross country, swimming, gun club, and the drumline (these activities are before or after school).  They begin their second year of Latin and are placed in on-level math or honors math.  P.E. is always a big hit with the students as they learn to play in team sports. The sixth graders will go on several field trips and the weekly chapels are a special time of worship and learning more about our God from guest speakers.
Seventh Grade Curriculum
Seventh grade students usually begin to become more aware of what is happening in the world and how that affects them.  A very important class for each student is the Critical Thinking Bible Class which adds logical reasoning skills to a study of scripture. Students take Texas History and experience the ever-popular overnight field trip to San Antonio.  Students study pre-algebra in their math classes and finish up their third year of Latin.  Students also take a computer class.  Fine art classes perform in concerts, musicals, and plays. The sports program play a big part of the seventh grade year as students may participate in cross country, swimming, football, volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, track, golf, and tennis.
Eighth Grade Curriculum

Eighth grade students seek to discover more about who they are as individuals.  They begin to decide what their interest and strengths are. Some of the eighth graders join the Student Government Club which plans social activities and organizes drives for the food pantries or the Salvation Army.  Some students get their first taste of a high school level course when they take Alegbra 1 for a high school credit. Spanish is also taught in eighth grade along with strong programs in history, science, English, and Bible. The eighth grade class travels to Sky Ranch for a one-day kick-off for the year, and in the spring they head to Houston for a three-day field trip. The sports program gets more and more competitive as teams participate in district-play and tournaments. Our eighth graders grow in their preparedness for their high school years.

Additional Resources

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Frequently Asked Questions
Junior high students attend chapel once a week and Caritas groups meet once a month.

Sixth graders may compete in swimming and drum line, both after-school activities.

Seventh and eighth graders may participate in drum line, basketball, baseball, cross country, football, golf, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track, and volleyball.

The school day begins at 8:00 a.m. for middle school students.  Students may be dropped off as early as 7:30 a.m.   Upon arrival, students must remain in their first period classroom.  The school day ends at 3:25 p.m. for middle school students on Monday through Thursday and 1:00 p.m. on Friday.  Sixth graders and their siblings should be picked up in the front of the middle school building, seventh, and eighth graders will be picked up behind the middle school building.  Siblings should wait in the location of the youngest sibling.  Unless attending a scheduled school activity, students should be picked up no later than 3:55 p.m and 1:25 p.m. on Fridays.  After this time, students should be picked up from the middle school office where a late fee of $10.00 will be due.

During the school day, students will be released only to parents or others listed on the Emergency Procedure Card or with written permission.  Siblings who drive must be listed on the Emergency Procedure Card in order to be able to pick up their sibling(s) during the school day.

Even though we understand that it is less convenient, middle school students may not go to the high school to be picked up with or by a high school sibling.  The high school sibling must come to the middle school to pick up the student.  This policy exists for the protection of your student and for consideration of the high school faculty; but it is difficult to monitor so we need your cooperation.  We appeal to you to abide by it and to support your student in doing what we have asked you to do.

Students are only allowed to stay after school if they are involved in a middle school activity such as team practices, fine arts rehearsals, tutorials, or clubs.  They are not allowed to stay with an older sibling or friend.  If they are staying after school to work on a project, attend a Bible study, or other activities, please make sure they have a staff member who has agreed to supervise.

If you anticipate an absence of more than one day, the student needs to get a form from the office for teachers to fill out.  All parents and visitors must wear a visitor identification tag.  Those who do not have one may secure one from the school office.

Be sure to check RenWeb for homework.  Teachers will have their lesson plans posted by Saturday, but remember that unforeseen circumstances may occasionally cause some things to change.

If you would like to volunteer to chaperone or drive on a field trip, you must fill out a driver form and have a background check.  You will need your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and social security card.  Forms are available in the office.

Hot lunches may be ordered online once every six weeks.  However, your student may choose to bring lunches from home.  You are also welcome to bring a lunch to the office for your child to pick up.  Please label it with their first and last name.  Eighth graders will eat in the middle school gym, and sixth and seventh graders will eat in the high school cafeteria at 11:40 p.m.

Be familiar with the dress code in the handbook.  Issues will be dealt with as discreetly as possible.  If your child is in violation of the dress code, they will wait in the office until a change of clothes can be brought to them.  If you have a question, you probably shouldn’t wear it, but you may call the office for clarification.

Cell phones must be turned off and stored either in the office (preferably) or in the locker (less secure) during the school day.  If phones are out and on during the school day, they will be taken to the office where they may be redeemed at the end of the day for $15.00.  There is a phone in the office for students to use if the school changes an event or practice which necessitates a change in carpool arrangements.

Summer reading will be posted on the website.  Summer math (TBD).

Meet Our Team

Tandy Hicks

Tandy Hicks


Tandy joined Grace in 2019 as the middle school principal. She has an extensive background in education and has taught almost every grade level from kindergarten to high school. Tandy earned her master’s degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. She and her husband, Mark, have been married more than 20 years and have four children. Their two adult children, Terrell and Taliyah, are in college and their younger two children, Tariyah and Tyler, attend Grace Community High School.

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