Cougars Secure 4th Straight Regional Championship

On Saturday January 28th, over 40 schools converged at the Mansfield ISD Natatorium to compete in the TAPPS North Regional Swim Meet.  For the fourth year in a row, Grace Community Cougar swimmers won both the girls and boys division at the North Regional Swim Meet held in Mansfield, TX under the leadership of seniors Blakely Roseberry, Ashley Taylor, Colton Harmon, Noah Loyd, Asa Cathey, Caleb Wilson and Michael Green.  The girls took a commanding lead over Coram Deo Academy Flower Mound by  21 points and the boys team won handily by 33 points over Argyle Liberty Christian.  There  were some exciting individual and relay races with the Grace girls winning gold in the 200 Medley Relay and silver in the 200 Freestyle Relay and 400 Freestyle Relay events.  Grace boys won top honors in the 200 Medley and 200 Freestyle  Relays and were runner up in the 400 Freestyle Relay.  Swimmers posted  77%  best times on Saturday and are looking forward to improving that percentage even more at the State Meet on Tuesday, February 7th in San Antonio.  Please congratulate these swimmers if you see them, they did an amazing job representing our Lord and our school.  


    Blakely Roseberry:

          200 Individual Medley:  2nd

          100 Freestyle:  2nd

    Ashley Taylor:

          100 Breaststroke:  1st

            50 Freestyle: 4th

    Sidney Boone:

          100 Freestyle: 12th

            50 Freestyle: 11th

    Emalee Dupuis:

          200 Individual Medley:  5th

          100 Breaststroke:  4th

    Kayla Minick:

          200 Freestyle:  6th

          100 Backstroke: 3rd

    Jennifer Montier:

           100 Butterfly:  1st

           100 Backstroke:  2nd

    Jenna Wortham:

           100 Freestyle: 4th

           100 Backstroke: 6th

     Mollie Mathis:

           100 Freestyle:  4th

           200 Freestyle:  

   Girls Relays:

       200 Medley Relay:  1st

         (Roseberry, Taylor, Montier, Mathis)

       200 Freestyle Relay:  1st

          (Montier, Taylor, Wortham, Roseberry)

       400 Freestyle Relay:  1st

          (Mathis, Minick, Dupuis, Boone)


     Asa Cathey:

          100 Freestyle: 18th

     Michael Green:

           100 Breaststroke:  1st

             50 Freestyle:  1st

     Colton Harmon:  

            100 Freestyle:  1st

              50 Freestyle:  2nd

     Noah Loyd:

            100 Backstroke:  2nd

            100 Freestyle:  8th

     Caleb Wilson:

            100 Backstroke:  6th

              50 Freestyle:  15th

     Seth Wilson:

              50 Freestyle:  5th

             100. Butterfly:  5th

     Leonardo Rubio:

             100 Butterfly:  4th

              500 Freestyle:  4th

     Matthew Scheusner:

              500 Freestyle:  5th

              100 Backstroke:  5th


          200 Medley Relay:  1st

             (Loyd,  Green, S. Wilson, Harmon)

          200 Freestyle Relay:  1st

             (Harmon. S. Wilson,  Rubio, Green)

          400 Freestyle Relay:  2nd

             (Scheusner , Loyd, Rubio, C.Wilson)

Next up for the Cougar swimmers is the State competition.  It will be held at the Josh Davis Natatorium in San Antonio on Tuesday, February  7th.