Girls JH Swimmers Still Undefeated

Girls JH Swimmers Still Undefeated

The Grace Junior High swimmers won their 6th meet of the season on Tuesday November 28th. Eleven junior high teams from all over East Texas and Texarkana gathered at East Texas Aquatics fora fun evening of great competition. The Grace girls dominated the girls division with an 82 point lead over 2nd place Texarkana Middle School. TheCougar boys placed 2nd in the rankings, 35 points behind first place Tyler-Three Lakes. The combined totals put Grace in the lead by 125 points ahead ofTyler-Three Lakes. The Grace girls were led by Evie Smith who won both the 50 yard freestyle and the50 yard backstroke. The boys were led by Isaac Stephenson with a 2nd place finish in the 50 yard breaststroke and a third place finish in the 50 yard freestyle. 80% of the Grace swims were season best times. The Cougars had a fantastic meet and are looking forward to their next meet at Loos Natatorium in Addison on Dec. 9th.


Georgia Atkinson (8): 100 Freestyle–3rd, 50 Breaststroke–4th

Ella Buess (8): 200 Freestyle–3rd, 50 Breaststroke–1st

Cora Castle (8): 100 Individual Medley–2nd, 50 Butterfly–3rd

Natalie Jenks (8): 100 Freestyle– 2nd, 200 Freestyle–2nd

Addison Lybrand (8): 50 Freestyle–3rd, 50 Breaststroke–5th

Katy Grace Newton (8): 100 Individual Medley–4th, 50 Breaststroke–2nd

Marriah Greene (7): 200 Freestyle–7th, 50 Breaststroke–6th

Cara Olney (7): 50 Freestyle–5th, 50 Breaststroke–8th

Evie Smith (7): 50 Freestyle–1st, 50 Backstroke–1st

Isabella Martin (6): 50 Freestyle–9th, 50 Breaststroke–10th

Lydia Martinez (6): 100 Freestyle–5th, 100 Individual Medley–6th

Olivia Myers (6): 100 Freestyle–7th, 50 Butterfly–6th


Sam Doyle (8): 100 Individual Medley–4th, 50 Freestyle–4th

Isaac Stephenson (7): 50 Freestyle–3rd, 50 Breaststroke–2nd

Case Lybrand (6): 100 Freestyle–11th, 50 Freestyle–10th

Noah Newton (6): 50 Breaststroke–1st, 50 Freestyle–6th

Levi Watson (6): 200 Freestyle–5th, 50 Backstroke–4th

Isaac Wilson (6): 100 Individual Medley–7th, 50 Backstroke–6th


200 Medley Relays (Mixed): 

B Relay–1st (Stephenson, Buess, Jenks, Greene)

A Relay–2nd (Smith, KG Newton, Castle, Watson)

C Relay–9th (Doyle, N Newton, Martinez, Atkinson)

D Relay–12th (Olney, A Lybrand, Wilson, C Lybrand)

200 Freestyle Relays (Mixed):

A Relay–1st (Jenks, Smith, Watson, Buess)

B Relay–2nd (Greene, Atkinson, Doyle, Castle)

C Relay–6th (KG Newton, Stephenson, N Newton, Martinez)

D Relay–15th (A Lybrand, C Lybrand, Myers, Martin)

Congratulations Cougar Junior High Swimmers!! The next Junior High meet will be held Saturday December 9th at Loos Natatorium in Addison. Start time is 10:00 and the swimmers would love to see lots of spectators.