Grace Claims Championships at Prosper Meet

Last Saturday, January 14th,   20  private and parochial schools gathered at the Prosper Natatorium to see the Cougar High School swimmers score 2 more wins for this season.  Both the girls and the boys teams brought home first place honors in the Division 2 (and under) category.  The boys team won the Division by 29 points over Argyle Liberty Christian, and girls were able to overpower Southwest Christian by 78  points.  With all the Divisions combined, the Cougar girls placed second behind John Paul II High School by only 2 points and the boys team was 3rd.  Leading the Cougar girls charge was sophomore Jennifer Montier with Gold Medal finishes in the 100 Butterfly and 100 Backstroke.  The boys team was led by senior Michael Green with top honors in the 100 Breaststroke and a 2nd place finish in the 50 yard freestyle.  The relays did an excellent job with girls winning both the 200 Medley Relay and the  200 Freestyle Relay.  The boys won the 200 Medley Relay, were 2nd in the 200 Freestyle Relay and 3rd in the 400 Freestyle Relay.  This was an excellent meet for the Cougar swimmers to attend since many of the races came down to a touch with only hundredths of a second separating the swimmers times.  The next meet for the Cougar Natadores will be Regionals to be held at the Mansfield ISD Natatorium on January 27th.  


         Blakely Roseberry:

                200 Individual Medley—2nd

                100 Freestyle—2nd

        Ashley Taylor:

               100 Breaststroke—1st

                 50 Freestyle—3rd

        Sidney Boone:

                 50 Freestyle—37th

                100 Freestyle—22nd

        Emalee Dupuis:

                100 Breaststroke—6th

                 200 Individual Medley—5th

        Kayla Minick:

                200 Freestyle—8th

                100 Backstroke—5th

        Jennifer Montier:

                100 Butterfly—1st

                100 Backstroke—1st

        Mollie Mathis:

                200 Freestyle—2nd

                100 Freestyle—3rd


         200 Medley Relay A:  1st

            (Roseberry, Taylor, Montier, Mathis)

         200 Medley Relay B:  7th

            (Wortham, Dupuis, Minick, Boone)

        200 Freestyle Relay:  2nd

            ( Montier, Mathis, Taylor,Roseberry)


         Asa Cathey:

                50 Freestyle—46th

               100 Freestyle—43rd

         Michael Green:

                50 Freestyle—2nd

               100 Breaststroke—1st

         Colton Harmon:

                 50 Freestyle—4th

               100 Freestyle—4th

         Noah Loyd:

                100 Backstroke—11th

                100 Freestyle—25th

         Caleb Wilson:

               100 Backstroke—14th


         Seth Wilson: 

                100 Butterfly—8th

                  50 Freestyle—9th

         Leonardo Rubio:

                 100 Butterfly—7th

                 500 Freestyle—4th

         Matthew Scheusner:

                 500 Freestyle—5th

                 100 Backstroke—12th


         200 Medley Relay:  

            (Loyd, Green, Wilson, Harmon): 3rd

         200 Freestyle Relay A: 5th

            (Green, Loyd, S. Wilson, Harmon)

         200 Freestyle Relay B:  13th

            (C. Wilson, Rubio, Scheusner, Cathey)

         400 Freestyle Relay:  5th

            (C.Wilson, Rubio, Scheusner, Cathey)