Grace Early Education Center in Tyler Expanding

Grace Early Education Center (EEC) in Tyler is excited to announce the expansion of its center by 80 additional spots for children ages eight weeks to 18 months. Grace EEC is remodeling an existing building to be the new toddler center to serve the community. The toddler center is estimated to be complete by December 15th and will begin accepting children on December 27th.

“What an exciting time for our program to be flourishing. We are excited to be able to gain more students and have the opportunity to spread the word of God and His goodness to more children and their families. The goal of early childhood education is to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn,” said Gail Moore, Executive Director, Grace Early Education Centers in Tyler and Lindale.

For nearly 30 years, Grace EEC in Tyler and Lindale has cared for 350 children daily and offers a Christ-centered education for children eight weeks to four years old in Tyler and Lindale, Texas.

“I truly wake up every morning excited to be in the classroom. Working at Grace, I have the honor of teaching Jesus in and through our everyday studies. In teaching “All About Me,” we have the opportunity to discuss how God gave us our five senses to enjoy the world He created just for us,” said Melissa Miller, Grace EEC teacher. “A favorite part of my job is when the children end up teaching and blessing me with their child-like wisdom and faith. I am blessed beyond measure to be a part of the Grace family.”

Grace EEC isn’t just a daycare. From the playground to the classroom, Grace EEC applies Christ-centered love for children to truly educate and grow them into who God made them to be. Grace seeks to provide holistic care which means helping children grow spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually.

“At Grace, we are committed to allocating the appropriate resources needed to minister and educate students as we partner with families. We are excited about the provision to expand our Lindale and Tyler EEC facilities over the last two years. As a result, Grace EEC has the opportunity to educate 500 children in both locations,” said Kirk Hudson, Executive Pastor of Operations, Grace Community Church.

At the end of their time at Grace EEC, children are well-rounded with a comprehensive academic and biblical foundation, and the social skills necessary to interact with peers and adults respectfully. In addition, the little graduates are reading, writing, and have mastered basic math skills, and are able to continue building on those skills at Grace Community School.

“Our vision for our students and families at Grace is that they would be with us from ‘diapers to diplomas’,” said Jay Ferguson, Ph.D., Head of School, Grace Community School. “Families may join us and leave at different points along that journey, but we want to partner with parents to equip their children for success, significance, and impact for Christ and His Kingdom as they discover God’s purpose for their lives. We love that at Grace the whole family is part of our community and that this place becomes an extended family for them.”