Cougar women swimmers have been working exceptionally hard this season and their hard work paid off again Saturday with another win.  120 swimmers representing 12  teams from East Texas, Beaumont and Houston High Schools came together at the Lufkin Swim Center for the Duck Dash Invitational.  Swimmers were swimming mainly  “off” events for this meet.  The boys team placed 3rd overall, just behind Nederland and Whitehouse High Schools.  The combined team points put the Cougar swimmers in 2nd place overall behind Whitehouse High School.  Leading the Cougar women were Blakely Roseberry winning the 200 Freestyle, Ashley Taylor taking the Gold in 100 Breaststroke, and Jennifer Montier blowing out the competition in the 200 Individual Medley.  Senior Michael Green led the Grace men by racing to a first place finish in the 100 backstroke. There were some very close finishes and a few personal best times achieved as the swimmers are trying to get ready for the Regional Meet  to be held at the end of the month. 


     Blakely Roseberry:

          200 Freestyle—1st

          500 Freestyle my—2nd

     Ashley Taylor:

          100 Breaststroke—1st

           200 Individual Medley—4th

     Sidney Boone:

           50 Freestyle—16th

          100 Backstroke—10th

     Emalee Dupuis:

            50 Freestyle— 6th

           100 Freestyle—8th

     Kayla Minick:

           100 Breaststroke—6th

           200 Freestyle—6th

     Jennifer Montier:

          200 Individual Medley—1st

          100 Breaststroke—4th

     Jenna Wortham:

           50. Freestyle—11th

          100 Freestyle—10th

     Mollie Mathis:  

           200 Individual Medley—3rd

           100 Breaststroke—3rd 


     200 Medley Relay A:  1st

        (Mathis, Taylor, Montier, Roseberry)

     200 Medley Relay B:  7th

         ( Wortham, Dupuis, Minick, Boone)

     200 Freestyle Relay:  1st

         (Montier, Taylor, Mathis, Roseberry)

     400 Freestyle Relay:  4th

         (Minick, Dupuis, Wortham, Boone)


     Asa Cathey:

          50 Freestyle—26th

         100 Freestyle—27th

     Michael Green:

         100 Backstroke—1st

         500 Freestyle—4th

     Colton Harmon:

         200 Individual Medley—7th

         100 Breaststroke—5th

     Noah Loyd:

         200 Individual Medley—7th

         100 Breaststroke—17th

     Caleb Wilson:

        100 Backstroke—14th

        100 Freestyle—17th

     Seth Wilson:

        100 Breaststroke—4th

          50 Freestyle—6th 

     Leonardo Rubio:

         200 Freestyle—4th

         100 Breaststroke—7th

     Matthew Scheusner:

         200 Freestyle—8th

         100 Backstroke—11th


     200 Medley Relay:  5th

        (Green, Loyd, Harmon, S. Wilson)

     200 Freestyle Relay A:  2nd

         (Green, Loyd, S. Wilson, Harmon)

     200 Freestyle Relay B:  11th

         ( Rubio, C. Wilson, Scheusner, Cathey)

     400 Freestyle Relay B:  7th

         (Rubio, C.Wilson, Scheusner, Cathey)