Why Grace? By Bevin Tang

Bevin Tang, Class of 2022

My name is Bevin Tang and I am a new ninth grade student at Grace Community School. I chose Grace because this school is a National Blue Ribbon school, which means it provides a more advanced learning environment. This was important to me because I was a good student in China and even my parents and some of my classmates suggested that I go to Grace. I was not forced to come here, and I really did choose to come to this school.

Another reason I chose to come to Grace is that it is a Christian school. In my mother’s opinion, a Christian school is usually a better choice than the non-Christian school, because Christian schools teach the Bible which is the word of God and too, because students are usually more friendly. Reliable evidence has shown that most American high schools have already stopped teaching the Bible, and the Bible is really important to my family.

My favorite part of Grace is the friendly relationships between the students and teachers. When I need help, the teacher always patiently listens and many of my classmates are willing to help me and each other.