Why We Chose Grace for Our Child

By Carrie, Chinese mother of Henry Zhang, Class of 2022

As a traditional family, we would like our child to be well educated, but what is a good education? What is a good school? Have him know the most? Have him to trained to respect? As time goes on, we feel that the children are a scrabbling land between we- Christians and Satan. A place where God is with is a nice place, a school where God is with is a good school. Now that Ms. Emily, the international teacher of Grace, interviewed our son- Henry he was deeply touched. We saw they were talking a long time, and praying and later Henry said that his spiritual perspective was updated. Then Henry and we parents made our almost the most important decision this decade -apply for GCS.

We are so grateful that we made a very right decision ever. When Henry joined in GCS, he often shared with us about his nice teachers, schoolmates, his loving and generous host family-Culver’s.

Mr. Jay Ferguson’s blog, sharing what he is thinking about as a Christian, and a Christian principle. Having our son to verify his identity is what we value. We believe that GSC will be a milestone in Henry’s life. Wish the students walking from GCS “filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ, to the glory and praise of God.”(Philippians 1:11)