Why We Love Grace – The Putman Family

Jacob: Grace helped me to see that my faith has an impact on every area of my life – from academics to my participation in sports to my social life, and more. I recognize and still appreciate the way Grace taught me to view the world. Rachael: Through academics and mentoring by teachers, I learned at Grace to view the world and everything in life through a lens focused on God and His Word. This has definitely had a life-long impact on me. How a person views the world and everything that happens in it greatly impacts how they will respond to life.

Jacob: I want my kids to benefit from excellent academics integrated with a strong faith in Jesus Christ. Rachael: I love Christian community and I love people. I especially love people who love my kids and love them well. The teachers and staff at Grace are still exceptional. My kids just beam when they get in the car and their teacher says, “I love you! See you tomorrow!” They know they are loved and safe while at school, which leads them to love and trust their teachers and, in turn, love learning from them. I think they absorb information so much more readily, knowing that they are learning in such a safe and loving environment. We also appreciate that what we teach at home is being reinforced at school by other trusted adults. Whether it’s teaching them how to properly behave, how to treat others, or how to see God in nature, we love that we are all on the same page, teaching Jesus.

Jacob: Grace helped me to learn to stand firm because that’s where I first began to take ownership of my faith. I left Grace with a solid foundation in academics and trust in God. That foundation enabled me to grow and thrive, both in school and in my career. Most importantly, I was able to listen to God’s calling. Since God has called me to public office, there have been many trials and situations through which we have had to stand firm, both in our faith and convictions. Rachael: While at Grace, I began to learn about God, who He really is, and about His unchanging character. I began to understand what I believed, which I have continued to build on to this day. The only reason we can stand firm is that we know WHO our foundation is and on WHOM we are standing. We know His character and that He is trustworthy. Without Christ, there is no stability or standing; there is only being tossed around, lost, and without direction. In September, Jacob and Rachael spoke to Grace High School students at the Alumni Chapel offering candidly about their hesitancy to run for the District Attorney’s office and what God did in their lives to convince Jacob it was something he should and needed to do.

~ Jacob & Rachael Putman
2001 GCS Alumni