Why We Love Grace! – The Yearty Family

“Upper Campus, has provided opportunities for her academically, athletically, spiritually, and relationally. We have so many amazing memories with parents, other students, coaches, teachers, and leadership at the high school and feel we are part of a unique community that we will miss when she graduates.

For us, GCS is a partnership, as they reinforce what we are modeling at home as we teach and follow Jesus. As a parent, I want my daughter to influence the world for Christ, which is also what GCS’s mission is – to educate, equip, and encourage children to influence the world for Christ.

I am incredibly grateful for the education and experience at GCS because I wanted a Christian education not to replace but to supplement what we are teaching in our home. I feel my daughter has a firm foundation in her faith and that GCS has played a large role in this as they teach from a Christian worldview.

We love GCS and know you will love it too.”

~ Jason and Carrie-Ann Yearty
GCS Parents