Cougar Tennis Steps Up at District Tournament

The high school team stepped it up last week at the district tournament! Both the boy’s and girls’ teams earned the right to call themselves District Team Champions! The boy’s team had an impressive 17 points at the district tournament. To put that in perspective, the 2nd place team had 9 points. The boys competed with honor and respect while remaining competitive and focused.  

The girl’s draw was just as exciting! They had to fight for every match and played with so much energy and enthusiasm. Shout out to freshman, Camille Emery, for answering the call to replace an injured player on our roster the day before the tournament. Each girl on the team had a win during the district tournament and had a part in securing the district championship.  

In addition to the district title, the following players qualified for the state championships in Waco on April 15-16;

Eli Villapudua – 1st place singles

Connor Starnes – 2nd place singles

Clark Carter – 1st place doubles

Haden Flowers – 1st place doubles

Conner Emery – 3rd place doubles

Landon Blalock – 3rd place doubles

Abby Martin – 2nd place singles

Kaylie Cunio-Martinez – 4th place singles (state alternate)

Savannah Hopson – 2nd place doubles

Claire Burkett – 2nd place doubles