Day 7: December 31:

John 1:1-18

When we think about the Christmas season, we often picture the birth of Jesus Christ. Although this event is the most important part of the story, it is crucial for us to dive deeper into what that means for us on earth. In John 1:1-18, we can see, in precise detail, how the seventh day of Christmas reveals our role in the Lord’s creation story and how we can participate in it daily.

In this passage we can see how Christ is the fulfillment of His own creation. First, His birth is what brings us life; the only way that we can live freely is by His birth in the world and because of this birth, we are given an opportunity to live through Him. When He was born of the Virgin Mary he was initiating a “new creation.” In the passage we read that “he gave [those who believe in him] the right to become children of God.” Christ has made it possible for each of us to become part of his family. By being born of earthly parents into a sinful world, Jesus was humbly giving our unworthy hearts an opportunity to live with him and choose him in our daily lives. God’s ultimate gift to us was sending his Son down to be on the earth and live as we do facing temptation and suffering so that we can have a true connection to Him. Knowing this reality encourages us to change our mindset from dreading our struggles to celebrating how they, when surrendered to Him, truly bring us closer to the Lord. Through Christ we now have the ability to view our struggles as a way of living like Him!

Prayer of the Day:

Lord, help me to fully embrace my role in your new creation. Help me to look to you rather than getting caught up in what is going wrong here on earth. Help me to see the reality that I am your child, and help others find their identity in you as well. Thank you for fulfilling your promises and giving us grace. Amen. 


Because the Lord has blessed us with His creation, take today to live in and appreciate his creation in our life. Go outside, take a walk, play with your family.

Ellie Simonds,

Class of 2023


My name is Ellie Simonds and I have been attending Grace since K-4 (that’s 14 years!!!!). Some things I am a part of at school are: I am a Life Group leader for Diakanos, and I am a member of the National Honors Society. My favorite things to do outside of school are to play softball and hang out with my friends. After graduation I plan on majoring in Elementary Education. My favorite Christmas tradition is searching for my elf-on-the-shelf every morning of December with my little brother.