7th Grade Track at Texas Private Middle School State Championships

This past Tuesday, our 7th-grade Track teams traveled to Brook Hill to compete in the Texas Private Middle School State Championships. 11 schools were participating. Our 7th-grade girls finished in 3rd place. AND – congratulations are in order for our 7th-grade boys team. They are your 2024 Texas Private Middle School State Champions for 7th grade.  

Here are our medalists:

RELAYS: 7th Girls – 4×100 (SILVER) – Jayme Powell, Camille Moser, Zadie Fenton and Sophie Vidrine, 4×200 (BRONZE) – Jayme Powell, Charlotte Krog, Elin Evans, Sophie Vidrine

7th Boys – 4×100 (GOLD) – Colton Ford, Carson Talley, George Admire and Luke Burks, 4×200 (GOLD) – Colton Ford, Paxton Bryant, JJ Gossett and Luke Burks


7TH GIRLS – GOLD: Zadie Fenton (100H); Jayme Powell (High Jump)

SILVER: Zadie Fenton (300H); Charlotte Krog (High Jump);

Trinity Shultz (Pole Vault)

BRONZE: Camille Moser (100H, 300H, TJ)

7TH BOYS – GOLD: Paxton Bryant (110H, 300H, TJ); George Admire (Pole Vault)

SILVER: Luke Burks (200, High Jump)

BRONZE: Colton Ford (100); Carson Talley (110H, 300H); 

Parker Stoermer (Shot Put); George Admire (High Jump)

POINTS: 7TH GIRLS – Sophie Vidrine (200); Kylie Cuvelier (2400); Sophia Gilmore (Shot Put); Trinity Shultz and Zadie Fenton (TJ)

7TH BOYS – JJ Gossett (200, Shot Put); Aaron Sepulveda (1600); Mac Pillsbury (2400)