Cougar Swim Host Junior High Invitational

On Saturday, April 20th, junior high swim teams from around East Texas gathered at East Texas Aquatics to compete in the Junior High Invitational hosted by the Cougars. Even though storms loomed around the complex, the meet was able to go to completion. Both the Grace girls and boys teams dominated their divisions. The girls team won by over 450 points to second place Texarkana Middle School and third place Whitehouse Junior High. The boys team surpassed Whitehouse by 110 points and by 190 points over Texarkana. Other schools competing included TK Gorman, All Saints, and Better East Texas Area Home Schools. This was the first and only home meet the 5th grade swimmers were able to showcase their incredible talents. The next junior high meet will be April 27th in Nacogdoches at the Boys and Girls Club (2715 Park St.) and will only have the 7th and 8th grade swimmers competing. This meet will conclude the 2023-2024 season.


Georgia Atkinson (8):50 Breaststroke–3rd, 100 Individual Medley–3rd

Ella Buess (8):200 Freestyle–2nd, 50 Breaststroke–2nd

Cora Castle (8):200 Freestyle–3rd, 50 Butterfly–2nd

Natalie Jenks (8):50 Backstroke–1st, 100 Freestyle–5th

Addison Lybrand (8):50 Freestyle–3rd, 100 Freestyle–6th

Katy Grace Newton (8):50 Breaststroke–1st, 100 Individual Medley–2nd

Marriah Greene (7):100 Freestyle–3rd, 200 Freestyle–4th

Evie Smith (7):100 Individual Medley–1st, 50 Backstroke–2nd

Lydia Martinez (6):50 Butterfly–3rd, 100 Individual Medley–4th

Hannah Jenks (5):50 Breaststroke–4th, 50 Freestyle–4th

Cora Putman (5):50 Backstroke–10th, 50 Freestyle–11th

Elizabeth Russell (5):50 Breaststroke–5th, 50 Butterfly–5th

Audrey Stephenson (5):50 Freestyle–6th, 50 Backstroke–6th

Micha Stockhammer (5):50 Butterfly–4th, 100 Individual Medley–5th

Girls Relay Results:

Medley Relays:

A (N. Jenks, KG Newton, C. Castle, Buess)–1st

B (Smith, Atkinson, Greene, Lybrand)–2nd

C (Russell, H. Jenks, Martinez, Stockhammer)–3rd

Freestyle Relays:

A (Buess, KG Newton, C. Castle, N.Jenks)–1st

B (Greene, Atkinson, Lybrand, Smith)–2nd

C (Martinez, Stockhammer, Russell, Putman)–4th


Sam Doyle (8):50 Breaststroke–1st, 50 Freestyle–4th

Eli Murphy (7):50 Freestyle–6th, 50 Breaststroke–7th

Isaac Stephenson (7):50 Breaststroke–2nd, 100 Individual Medley–1st

Case Lybrand (6):50 Butterfly–4th, 50 Freestyle–9th

Levi Watson (6):200 Freestyle–1st, 100 Freestyle–2nd

Noah Newton (6):50 Breaststroke–3rd, 50 Freestyle–8th

Christopher Allgaier (5):50 Breaststroke–4th, 50 Freestyle–7th

Ben Castle (5):50 Butterfly–3rd, 100 Freestyle–10th

Carson Dickson (5):50 Butterfly–1st, 50 Backstroke–3rd

Wesley Weiner (5):50 Backstroke–5th, 50 Breaststroke–6th


Medley Relays:

A (Watson, Stephenson, Dickson, Doyle)–2nd

B (Allgaier, N. Newton, B. Castle, Murphy)–4th

Freestyle Relays:

A (Doyle, Stephenson, Murphy, Watson)–2nd

B (Dickson, Allgaier, Lybrand, Weiner)–4th