Cougars HS Swim with Excellent Results

On Thursday, November 9th, Whitehouse High School hosted a tri-swim meet between Whitehouse, Nacogdoches, and Grace.  The meet was held at East Texas Aquatics and the Cougars had an excellent night of racing posting 15 season-best times.   Emalee Dupuis and Kayla Minick led the girl’s team in scoring while Leonardo Rubio and Will Means led the boys in total points scored.  The evening was filled with excitement with many races being determined by hundredths of a second.


     Sidney Boone (12):

         50 Freestyle– 9th

        100 Breaststroke– 10th

     Emalee Dupuis (12):

        200 Individual Medley–2nd*

        100 Breaststroke– 3rd*

     Kayla Minick (11):

         50 Freestyle– 4th *

        100 Backstroke– 4th

     Leah Dupuis (9):

        100 Freestyle– 5th *

        100 Breaststroke– 6th *


          200 Medley Relay– 3rd

    (Minick, L. Dupuis, E. Dupuis, S. Boone)

          200 Freestyle Relay–3rd *

    (Minick, L. Dupuis, E. Dupuis, S. Boone)


     Leonardo Rubio (10):

          200 Individual Medley–3rd

          100 Butterfly– 3rd

     Matthew Agudelo (9):

          50 Freestyle–5th*

         100 Butterfly– 7th*

     Will Means (9):

         100 Breaststroke–5th *

           50 Freestyle– 6th *

     Daniel Minick (9):

         100 Butterfly– 6th *

         100 Backstroke– 6th

     Grayson Simonds (9):

           50 Freestyle– 7th *

          100 Butterfly– 8th *

     Micah Wilson (9):

           50 Freestyle– 12th *

          100 Backstroke– 9th *


     200 Medley Relay– 5th

   (Minick, Means, Rubio, Agudelo)

     200 Freestyle Relay– 4th

   (Agudelo, Minick, Simonds, Wilson)

     400 Freestyle Relay–5th

   (Rubio, Means, Simonds, Wilson)

* Denotes season best time

The next Cougar swim meet will be a 2-day Prelim-Finals meet in Texarkana on November 17th and 18th.  About 350 swimmers from all over North and East Texas will be attending.  It will be held on the Texas A & M Texarkana campus at the Aquatic Center.  Hope to see some Grace spectators there cheering on our swimmers.