Grace High School Swimmers Start Their 2023-2024 Season

The Grace High School swimmers started their 2023-2024 season with a 3 team meet on Saturday, September 30, at East Texas Aquatics.  Competing with Grace were  Whitehouse High School and Hudson High School.  Leading the girls team was senior Emalee Dupuis, with a first place finish in the200 Individual Medley and a second place finish in the 100 Breaststroke.  Freshman Will Means, led the boys team with a silver medal finish  in both the 100 Freestyle and the 100 Breaststroke.  The swimmers had quite a few personal best times making thestart of the season very encouraging.


    Emalee Dupuis (12):

          200 Individual Medley—1st

          100 Breaststroke—2nd

    Leah Dupuis (9):

          100 Freestyle—2nd *

          100 Breaststroke—3rd*

    Caitlyn Olney (9):

            50 yard Freestyle—4th *

          100 Backstroke—3rd*


    Leonardo Rubio (10):

            100 Butterfly— 3rd

            100 Backstroke—2nd*

    Will Means (9):

            100 Freestyle—2nd *

            100 Breaststroke—2nd*

    Daniel Minick (9):

            200 Individual Medley—2nd*

            100 Backstroke—3rd*

    Grayson Simonds (9):

            200 Individual Medley—3rd*

           100 Freestyle—6th 

    Micah Wilson (9):

           100 Freestyle—7th

           100 Backstroke—6th*

  Boys Relay Results:

     200 Medley Relay—2nd

       (Minick, Means, Rubio, Simonds)

      200 Freestyle Relay—3rd

       (Rubio, Means, Minick, Wilson)

*indicates personal best time

The next swim meet is the Grace Fall Invitational with about 14 teams competing.  It will be held at East Texas Aquatics, (just down the road from Grace).  Please come support our team!!  Meet start is 9:30.