Grace Hosts the MS Cougar Relays

The Grace JH Track team has had two great weeks. First, on March 19th, the Cougars traveled to Brook Hill to compete in their JH Guard Relays. The Cougars did fantastic with the 7th Boys winning by a total of 4 points and finishing with 104 points, the 8th Girls (scored a whopping 198.5 to win by 40 points) and 8th Boys (scored 147 points to win by 34 points) each coming away with Team championships while our 7th Girls (with 9 girls) finished 2nd overall. Great job Cougars!!

This past Tuesday night, Grace hosted the MS Cougar Relays. Again, it was a great night to be a Cougar. With 11 teams, our 7th girls came away in 3rd place (only 8 points shy of 2nd). Our 7th Boys won the Team Championship over All Saints by 8 points scoring 124. Our 8th Girls won overwhelmingly by 34 points scoring 184 while the 8th boys also won big by scoring 163 points and winning by 36 points. Congratulations Cougars!!

In this meet, the following teams/individuals medaled:


4X100 – 7th Girls (Silver) Jayme Powell, Elin Evans, Camille Moser and Zadie Fenton; 7th Boys (Gold) Colton Ford, Carson Talley, George Admire and Luke Burks; 8th Girls (Silver) Samantha Stewart, Rylee Phillips, Mia Lindley and Micah Muns.

4×200 – 7th Girls (Silver) Jayme Powell, Charlotte Krog, Elin Evans and Sophie Vidrine; 7th Boys (Gold) Colton Ford, Paxton Bryant, Tanner Williams and Luke Burks; 8th Girls (Gold) Samantha Stewart, Mia Lindley, Micah Muns and Caroline Burkett; 8th Boys (Silver) – Clive Johnson, Brayden Knox, Noah Bigbie and Carter Zimmerman.

4×400 – 8th Girls (Silver) Bella Wallace, Cora Castle, Casey Goetz and Caroline Burkett

8th Boys (Gold) Brayden Knox, Parker Patterson, BJ Olusola and Coleman Swaim


7th Girls: Sophie Vidrine (Gold – 200); Zadie Fenton (Gold – 100H; Silver – 300H); Camille Moser (Gold – TJ; Bronze – LJ; 100H and 300H); Charlotte Krog (Silver – HJ); Jayme Powell (Bronze – HJ); Trinity Shultz (Silver – PV and TJ)

7th Boys: Luke Burks (Silver – HJ; Bronze – 200); Paxton Bryant (Gold – 110H, 300H); Carson Talley (Silver – 110H; Bronze – 300H); George Admire (Bronze – HJ and PV); Colton Ford (Bronze – TJ); Parker Stoermer (Silver – Shot Put).

8th Girls: Casey Goetz (Gold – 800; Silver – 300H); Bella Wallace (Silver – 800); Hazel Finley (Bronze – 300H; 1600); Rylee Phillips (Silver – 100H, TJ); Eva King (Gold – Discus); Jaci Whitson (Bronze – Discus); Elizabeth Rath (Gold – PV; Bronze – HJ) and Micah Muns (Gold-TJ)

8th Boys: Carter Zimmerman (Gold – 100); Clive Johnson (Gold – 800; Silver – 1600); BJ Olusola (Gold – 110H and HJ; Bronze – 300H); Coleman Swaim (Gold– 300H; Silver – LJ and TJ; Bronze – 110H); Parker Patterson (Silver – 300H); Deacon Flores (Bronze – Discus); Brayden Knox (Bronze – HJ); Cullen Sieber (Bronze – PV); and Noah Bigbie (Bronze – TJ)

Several other individuals got points for the Cougars: 

7th Girls – Jayme Powell, Ryleigh Gossett and Zadie Fenton.

7th Boys – Colton Ford, Tanner Williams, Mac Pillsbury, Charlie Cummings.

8th Girls – Samantha Stewart, Mia Lindley, Micah Muns, Caroline Burkett, Natalie Jenks, MJ Hanson, Rylee Phillips, Jaci Whitson, Gwyneth Sheridan, Hazel Finley and Elizabeth Rath.

8th Boys – Brayden Knox and Parker Patterson

Again, way to go Cougars!! The 7th Track team will travel to Brook Hill this next Tuesday, April 2nd and then TAPSAC will be hosted by Grace on April 9th.