Grace JH Swimmers First Home Meet Results

Grace JH Swimmers had their first home meet on Saturday afternoon competing at the East Texas Aquatics pool. There were 50 swimmers competing from 5 area schools—Middle School Swimmers of Granbury (MSSG), T.K. Gorman, All Saints, Beta (homeschool team), and Grace. The Cougar girls won their division by 49 points over MSSG, and the Cougar boys won by 13 points over MSSG. The girls were led by 8th grader Katy Grace Newton, with a gold medal race in the 50 Breaststroke, and 8th grader Cora Castle with a 1st place finish in the 100 yard Freestyle. On the boys side, 6th grader Levi Watson had 2 outstanding swims with 3rd place finishes in the 50 yard Freestyle and the 100 yard Freestyle. 6th grader Noah Newton also had a very impressive win in the 50 yard Breaststroke. The team swam exceptionally well with 84% of the races being personal best times. Congratulations Grace Junior High Nadadores!!!


      Georgia Atkinson: 

100 Breaststroke—4th, 100 Freestyle—5th

      Ella Buess: 

50 Freestyle—2nd, 100 Individual Medley—4th

      Cora Castle: 

100 Freestyle—1st, 100 Individual Medley—3rd

      Addison Lybrand: 

100 Breaststroke—3rd, 100 Freestyle—7th

      Katy Grace Newton: 

100 Breaststroke—1st, 100 Individual Medley—5th

      Marriah Greene: 

100 Freestyle—6th, 50 Freestyle—5th

      Cara Olney: 

50 Backstroke—5th, 100 Freestyle—11th

      Evie Smith: 

50 Backstroke—2nd, 50 Freestyle—4th

      Lydia Martinez: 

50 Breaststroke—8th, 100 Freestyle—9th

      Olivia Myers: 

50 Backstroke—6th, 50 Freestyle—7th


      200 Medley Relay A— 1st 

(Buess, Newton, Castle, Greene)

      200 Freestyle Relay B—3rd 

(Smith, Atkinson, Martinez, Lybrand)


     Sam Doyle: 

100 Freestyle—6th, 50 Freestyle—7th

     Charlie Cumming: 

100 Freestyle—7th, 50 Breaststroke—6th

     Case Lybrand: 

50 Backstroke—7th, 50 Freestyle—10th

     Eli Murphy: 

100 Freestyle—4th, 50 Breaststroke—4th

     Isaac Stephenson: 

50 Backstroke—4th, 50 Freestyle—6th

     Noah Newton: 

50 Breaststroke—1st, 100 Freestyle—5th

     Levi Watson: 

100 Freestyle—3rd, 50 Freestyle— 3rd

     Isaac Wilson: 

100 Individual Medley—3rd, 50 Butterfly—5th


     200 Medley Relay A — 3rd 

(Doyle, Newton, Wilson, Watson)

      200 Medley Relay B — 4th 

(Cumming, Murphy, Lybrand, Stephenson)

      200 Freestyle Relay A — 3rd 

(Watson, Murphy, Newton, Doyle)

      200 Freestyle Relay B — 4th 

(Wilson, Cumming, Lybrand, Stephenson)

The next JH Swim Meet will be on October 30 at the TISD Aquatic Center. We would love to see lots of people cheering our swim squad on!!