Grace JH Track Season Starts

The 2024 Grace JH Track season started with a great meet at TK Gorman. Grace has 72 7th and 8th-grade athletes competing this season and it is exciting to see them compete for His glory. In this first meet, with only 10 girls competing against 10 other teams, our 7th-grade girls finished in 2nd place overall. Congratulations are for our 7th grade boys; 8th grade girls and 8th grade boys who all won the team championships with a fantastic showing.

RELAYS: 7th GIRLS – 4X100: (Bronze) Jayme Powell, Camille Moser, Elin Evans, and Zadie Fenton.

7TH BOYS – 4X100: (Gold) Paxton Bryant, JJ Gossett, Colton Ford, and Luke Burks.

8th GIRLS – 4X200: (Silver) Samantha Stewart, Cora Castle, Deborah Mercado, and Micah Muns.

8th BOYS – 4×200: (Silver) Carter Zimmerman, Noah Bigbie, Nehemiah Valdez, and Bradon Alexander.


7th Girls: GOLD – Zadie Fenton (100H; 300H); Trinity Shultz (PV)

SILVER – Kylie Cuvelier (2400); Camille Moser (100H; 300H; TJ); Jayme Powell (HJ)

8th Girls: GOLD – Casey Goetz (800, 300H); Rylee Phillips (100H); Elizabeth Rath (PV); Micah Muns (TJ)

SILVER – Caroline Burkett (400); Bella Wallace (800); Natalie Jenks (1600); Elizabeth Rath (HJ); Eva King (PV);

BRONZE – Cora Castle (400); MJ Hanson (2400); Rylee Phillips (300H); Eva King (Shot); Gwyneth Sheridan (PV); Caroline Burkett (LJ); Samantha Stewart (TJ)

7TH BOYS: GOLD – George Admire (PV); Paxton Bryant (110H);

SILVER – Carson Talley (110H); Paxton Bryant (300H); Parker Stoermer (Shot); Luke Burks (HJ)

BRONZE – Luke Burks (200); Beck Durham (110H);

8TH BOYS: GOLD – Clive Johnson (2400); BJ Olusola (110H); Coleman Swaim (TJ)

SILVER – Carter Zimmerman (200); BJ Olusola (300H; HJ); Coleman Swaim (110H, LJ)

BRONZE – Parker Patterson (110H, LJ); Deacon Flores (Discus)


Elin Evans (7); Colton Ford (7); Braydon Knox (8); Micah Muns (8); JJ Gossett (7); Bella Wallace (8); Natalie Jenks (8); Olive Brookshire (8); Mac Pillsbury (7); Parker Patterson (8); Carson Talley (7); Beck Durham (7); 8th Girls 4×100 – Samantha Stewart, Rylee Phillips, Deborah Mercado, and Micah Muns; 8th Boys 4×100 – Carter Zimmerman, Noah Bigbie, Nehemiah Valdez and Bradon Alexander; 7th Girls 4×200 – Jayme Powell, Elin Evans, Sophie Vidrine and Charlotte Krog; Jaci Whitson (8); Deacon Flores (8); Francisco Munoz (7); Hazel Finley (8); Charlotte Krog (7); Ryleigh Gossett (7); George Admire (7); Zadie Fenton (7); Noah Bigbie (8); Tanner Williams (7).

Again, CONGRATULATIONS COUGARS!! WELL DONE!! The Cougars will be competing in the FBC Dallas MS Rogers Relays at FBC Dallas Academy this coming Thursday. The meet begins with field events at 8:30 am followed by track events at 1:00 pm.