Grace Middle School Swimmers Back in Action

On Friday, March 22, the Grace Middle School swimmers were back in action, braving the wind, the rain, and the cold at the TISD outdoor pool. The Grace 5th grade swimmers got to compete for the first time racing against all 6th through 8th graders. The Grace girls team added another win to their record scoring 131 points with Tyler Hubbard in second with 77 points. The boys team was second, just 8 points behind Tyler Three Lakes. Despite the cold, the Grace swimmers were able to battle through and achieve some personal best times. Their next competition will be a home meet on April 20th at East Texas Aquatics. We would love to see a big home crowd cheering these swimmers on to victory at their last home meet for the season.  


Georgia Atkinson (8):

100 Freestyle–2nd, 50 Breaststroke–4th Ella Buess (8): 200 Freestyle–2nd, 50 Breaststroke–4th Cora Castle (8): 100 Individual Medley–3rd, 50 Butterfly–3rd Natalie Jenks (8): 100 Freestyle–1st, 50 Breaststroke–3rd Katy Grace Newman (8): 100 Breaststroke–1st, 100 Individual Medley–5th Lydia Martinez (6): 100 Freestyle–4th, 100 Individual Medley–9th Isabella Martin (6): 50 Backstroke–15th, 50 Freestyle–19th

Hannah Jenks (5): 50 Breaststroke–9th, 100 Individual Medley–12th

Cora Putman (5): 50 Backstroke–16th, 50 Freestyle–25th

Elizabeth Russell (5): 50 Freestyle–9th, 100 Individual Medley–11th

Audrey Stephenson (5): 50 Backstroke–11th, 50 Freestyle–16th

Micha Stockhammer (5): 50 Freestyle–13th, 50 Backstroke–13th

Landry Walsh (5): 50 Breaststroke–13th, 50 Backstroke–14th


200 Medley Relay A: 1st (N. Jenks, Newman, Castle, Buess)

200 Medley Relay B: 7th (Stockhammer, Atkinson, Martinez, Stephenson) 200 Medley Relay C: 8th (Walsh, H. Jenks, Russell, Martin)

200 Freestyle Relay A: 1st (Castle, Buess, Atkinson, N. Jenks)

200 Freestyle Relay B: 6th (Newton, Martinez, H. Jenks, Russell)

200 Freestyle Relay C: 10th (Martin, Walsh, Stockhammer, Putman)


Sam Doyle (8): 50 Breaststroke–4th, 50 Freestyle–6th

Isaac Stephenson (7): 100 Freestyle–3rd, 50 Freestyle–5th

Case Lybrand (6): 50 Butterfly–4th, 50 Freestyle–13th

Levi Watson (6): 50 Backstroke–2nd, 50 Freestyle–4th

Noah Newton (6): 50 Breaststroke–6th, 50 Freestyle–9th

Christopher Allgaier (5): 100 Individual Medley–6th, 50 Breaststroke–7th Ben Castle (5): 50 Backstroke–10th, 50 Freestyle–14th

Carson Dickson (5): 50 Butterfly–3rd, 100 Freestyle–9th

Wesley Weiner (5): 50 Backstroke–6th, 50 Breaststroke–10th


200 Medley Relay A: 3rd (Watson, Doyle, Dickson, Stephenson)

200 Medley Relay B: 7th (Allgaier, Newton, Lybrand, Castle)

200 Freestyle Relay A: 3rd (Doyle, Allgaier, Stephenson, Watson)

200 Freestyle Relay B–7th (Dickson, Weiner, Castle, Lybrand)