HS Swim Meet at Whitehouse Christmas Relay & Prestonwood Christmas Classic

The Grace High School swimmers had a busy weekend with the Whitehouse Christmas Relay meet on Friday and the Prestonwood Christmas Classic on Saturday. Nine East Texas schools attended the meet on Friday. The schools competed in 20 different relays, some had a Christmas theme, some were high school events, some were mixed relays and some had each swimmer swimming a different distance. The meet concluded with each school entering 2 relay teams into a “shoot out.” The meet was a lot of fun and gave all the swimmers a chance to compete in some different events.

Saturday was a much larger event. 497 swimmers representing 46 private schools from all over Texas competed at Loos Natatorium in Addison. Team scores were not calculated so we do not know how we placed as a team. Mollie Mathis (10), who has been out with an injury, was able to attend her first meet of the season and she led the Cougars in points, scoring 30 individual points. Emalee Dupuis was the second-leading scorer on the girl’s side with 19 points. In the boys’ division, Daniel Minick (9) led the point totals with 20 points while Leonardo Rubio was the second-leading scorer with 16. The swimmers had a good meet and are now getting ready for Christmas training over the break.  


Sidney Boone (12): 100 Freestyle–31st, 50 Freestyle–39th

Emalee Dupuis (12): 100 Breaststroke–6th, 200 Individual Medley–11th

Kayla Minick (11): 100 Backstroke–16th, 50 Freestyle–17th

Jenna Wortham (11): 100 Freestyle–30th, 50 Freestyle–37th

Mollie Mathis (10): 100 Freestyle–3rd, 50 Freestyle–5th

Leah Dupuis (9): 100 Freestyle–21st


200 Medley Relay: 4th* (Minick, L. Dupuis, E. Dupuis, Mathis)

200 Freestyle Relay: 7th* (Minick, E. Dupuis, L. Dupuis, M. Mathis)


Leonardo Rubio (10): 100 Butterfly–3rd

Mateo Agudelo (9): 100 Backstroke–12th, 50 Freestyle–29th

Will Means (9): 100 Breaststroke–14th*, 100 Freestyle–26th*

Daniel Minick (9): 100 Butterfly–8th, 100 Backstroke–9th

Grayson Simonds (9): 200 Freestyle–9th*, 100 Freestyle–30th*

Micah Wilson (9): 100 Freestyle– 38th*, 50 Freestyle– 51st*


200 Medley Relay–10th (Minick, Means, Rubio, Agudelo)

200 Freestyle Relay–13th (Means, Minick, Simonds, Rubio)

The Cougar High School swimmers will compete next on January 6th in the Duck Dash Invitational hosted by Hudson High School. The meet will be at the Boys and Girls Club inLufkin.