JH Swim Traveled to Addison

Grace Junior High swimmers got up early Saturday morning to travel to Addison to compete against 46 private and Christian schools from all over Texas. 497 swimmers meet at Loos Natatorium to compete in our biggest competition of the year, so far. Ella Buess and Natalie Jenks led the way for the girls with 33 and 31 points respectively. Levi Watson led the boy’s team with 17 points and Isaac Wilson was close behind with 14 points scored. The competition was excellent and the Grace Junior High swimmers stepped up their competitiveness.

The highlight of the meet was winning the Santa Relay with combined Junior High boys and girls, High School boys and girls, and Coach Colton Harmon.  


Georgia Atkinson (8): 50 Breaststroke–4th*, 100 Freestyle–12th*

Ella Buess (8): 50 Breaststroke–2nd*, 50 Butterfly–3rd*

Cora Castle (8): 50 Butterfly–4th, 100 Freestyle–6th

Natalie Jenks (8): 100 Backstroke–3rd*, 100 Individual Medley–4th*

Addison Lybrand (8): 50 Breaststroke–7th*, 50 Freestyle–13th*

Marriah Greene (7): 100 Individual Medley–8th*, 100 Freestyle–11th*

Cara Olney: (7): 100 Freestyle–19th*, 50 Freestyle–28th*

Lydia Martinez (6): 50 Freestyle–11th*, 100 Freestyle–13th*


200 Medley Relay A: 1st* (Jenks, Buess, Castle, Greene)

200 Freestyle Relay A: 1st* (Castle, Atkinson, Buess, Jenks)

200 Freestyle Relay B: 4th* (Greene, Martinez, Lybrand, Olney)


Sam Doyle (8): 50 Freestyle–14th*

Eli Murphy (7): 100 Freestyle–12th, 50 Breaststroke–21st

Isaac Stephenson (7): 50 Breaststroke–13th*, 50 Freestyle–18th*

Case Lybrand (6): 100 Freestyle–13th*, 50 Freestyle–34th*

Levi Watson (6): 50 Freestyle–9th*, 50 Backstroke–9th*

Isaac Wilson (6): 50 Butterfly–5th*, 50 Freestyle–22nd*


200 Medley Relay: 7th* (Watson, Stephenson, Wilson, Doyle)

200 Freestyle Relay: 6th (Watson, Doyle, Murphy, Lybrand)

*denotes a season best time

The Grace Junior High swimmer’s next meet will be on December 14th at East Texas Aquatics. After that, we will be having Christmas training and getting ready for some more big meets in January.