Letter to Grace From Dr. Joseph Walker

Photo of Coach Walker

There are major changes coming in the Grace Athletic Department for the 2023-24 school year. On June 1, current Director of Athletics Joseph Walker will be assuming a new role as the Head of School at Lucas Christian Academy in Lucas, Texas. At that time, Associate Director of Athletics Eddie Francis will take over leadership of the Grace Athletic Department as Director of Athletics. Coach Walker wanted to thank all of the Grace Family with a few words:

Dear Grace Cougars, 

I pray that you’ve all enjoyed a wonderful spring break as you receive this news. Please know that Tasha and I have very mixed emotions as we move on to this next stage in our lives.

Grace Community School is not only special—it is unique. My love for Grace began in August of 2001 when I first stepped on campus to attend a tournament here and met Galen Taylor, and it has grown exponentially ever since that time. Every day that I have turned off of University Blvd. into our campus, I have been excited to come to work because of this wonderful community. Dr. Ferguson, our Leadership Team, the amazing coaches I’ve had the honor of working with, our faculty, board, and our wonderful Grace families make this place one of a kind. 

It is impossible for Tasha and me to express what you all have meant to our family. You have educated and loved our children and have welcomed us into your homes and lives. You have rejoiced with us and grieved alongside us for the last nine years. We will forever be in your debt for the ways you have poured into us in Christian community. We can’t possibly express what you all mean to us, but in the short weeks we have left with you, we hope to try and show that in some small way. 

God bless and keep you as we continue to serve him together. 

Coach Walker