Why We Choose Grace

Lining our shelves are a multitude of parenting books with pages marked by highlighters and margins filled with handwritten notes. My wife and I were accurately told you cannot truly prepare for what comes as parents, but throughout her first pregnancy, we were determined to give it our best effort. Some of what we read was helpful; some of what we read was entertaining; and some pearls of wisdom (like creating healthy sleeping habits), while useful, were unsuccessfully implemented.

No amount of study can prepare you for the enormity of the parenting task, and no decision we have faced thus far has been greater than where our daughters would attend school. This area of East Texas is blessed to have many fine options. After diligent research, prayer and reflection, we ultimately decided Grace Community School would be the best fit for our family.

One obvious consideration when selecting a school was what kind of academic foundation would be provided for our girls. We have been extremely pleased in this regard as our children are developing skills and habits that will serve them well. The teachers could not be more dedicated, and they have done an excellent job creating an environment that has made learning an enjoyable pursuit. In 2015-16 the upper campus was one of three high schools in Texas awarded the prestigious National Blue Ribbon School status, and in 2017-18 the lower campus was the only private elementary school in Texas to earn that distinction. This further supports our belief that our girls will be fully prepared for higher learning.

Beyond academics, we have experienced the benefit that is the Grace community. Our fellow parents are actively engaged, and the support provided to one another as we course through the educational process is tremendous. I have witnessed the entire community pull together to help families in need with emotional, spiritual and financial support in ways and depths that are truly inspirational. This culture is cultivated intentionally at the administrative level of the school and it is wonderful to see it positively impact lives.

Ultimately, the thing that set Grace apart to us was the emphasis placed on spiritual development. It was important to us that the school collaborate in concert with us to nurture a love for Jesus that would serve and sustain our daughters as they grow. One of my favorite memories as a parent was watching my oldest daughter teach my youngest the Bible verses she had learned in class as they went through their bedtime routine. Their daily prayers with and for classmates and teachers make their way into our nightly prayers at home. I am thrilled that this spiritual engagement has had tangible effects on their hearts and behavior, and we pray it will continue to shape their character as they enter adulthood.

As parents of two young girls in a rapidly changing society and in this social media age, we will continue to face challenges and difficult decisions. However, we have added a valuable partner in Grace Community School to help us navigate those waters.

Bryan Massey, GCS Dad