In The Spotlight
In The Spotlight
"I'm sitting in the doctor's office with one of my girls. She's had mono for two months, and isn't improving. Her doctor wants to see her to do more tests. She didn't get to go on the class trip and spent spring break in bed. From our perspective, we don't know what else may be going on with her...In the midst of uncertainty, what we do know is how we're going to deal with this and whatever else we learn in the doctor's office today, how we're going to continue to walk our daughter through it, how we're going to point her to Jesus and what He's doing in her life, how He loves her and is working for His glory and her good. We know how we're going to respond, because we made that decision a long time ago." TO READ THE REST, CLICK THE ARROW.
"Humility is the answer to the new tolerance in our society, the failure of ethical imagination that strikes liberals and conservatives, Christians and non-Christians alike, that convinces them that you can only love those whose lives you approve of, and can only be friends with those people who agree with you. Humility reminds us, not to live as if our moral or spiritual convictions may not be true (because no one can really live that way), but to respect and care for those with whom we profoundly disagree..." TO READ MORE, CLICK THE ARROW
Grandparents' and Special Friends' Day is RIGHT around the corner - April 2 is going to be an exciting day! CLICK THE ARROW FOR GRADE SPECIFIC TIMES, INSTRUCTIONS, AND TO REGISTER FOR THIS SPECIAL DAY.
Recently, 8 JH GCS students competed in a chapter (east Texas area) Mathcounts competition. The students competed against 6th-8th grade students from 8 other area schools. At the conclusion of the competition, Grace's four-person team placed 2nd and earned the right to advance to state. Additionally, GCS had another individual qualify to go to state, and had the top two scorers at the chapter competition. CLICK THE ARROW FOR THE LIST OF WINNERS!
"Of all of the interesting phenomena in Christian schooling, there is perhaps none as interesting as the rivalry between Christian schools. We get so worked up at times, don't we? Facebooking about that "other school," getting so mad at athletic events that we get escorted out of gyms by administrators or security, being hypercritical of how "they" do things, or how their parents respond. Regardless of the reasons we do this, we're all guilty of it...until a mama and her truck full of kids from one of those other schools gets in a horrific car wreck." TO READ MORE, CLICK THE ARROW.
If you read the newspaper or watch the local news, or have just been paying attention around town, you've seen that there's a Christian school called Promise Academy opening in North Tyler. And, you've probably seen that Grace administrators and leadership have been helping that school get off the ground. You may have even asked yourself, "Why would Grace Community School leaders be helping another Christian school in North Tyler?" The answer is really one word: mission." CLICK THE ARROW FOR MORE!

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