In The Spotlight
In The Spotlight
"Last fall. I was out of town, enjoying a nice dinner at a nice restaurant with my parents, when my cell phone rang. One of my teachers, who also happened to be driving our charter bus that night to Dallas on a student ministry outing for our church, was on the line. She told me that our bus had just broken down on the side of a busy highway in Dallas. And, it was raining. Heavily. They were getting ready to get the kids out of the bus, so that they wouldn't be struck by another car inside the vehicle as it was stranded on the side of the road. She just wanted me to know. Now, this really wasn't my problem. It was a church group trip. The bus belonged to the church as much as it did the school, and the kids on board were not primarily school kids. Let someone else figure it out, right? Back to my meal, right? Only one problem: my baby was on that bus. Probably wet, cold, and scared. And, Daddy flew into action..." CLICK THE ARROW TO READ MORE.
"If you're honest, and American, most of you are like me and don't like to sit still. Don't like to wait. Henri Nouwen noted that, for many people, waiting is an awful desert between where they are and where they want to go. They don't like it, because they are fearful. Fearful of inner feelings, of other people, or of what the future might hold. So, we flee it by running away, or we aggressively strike first before something harmful is done to us. But, preparation and waiting is a huge part of who we are called to be as Christians. In the Christmas story, we see a whole bunch of people waiting: Zechariah and Elizabeth, Mary, Simeon and Anna. They represent Israel, waiting for the birth of her Savior..." Click the arrow to read the rest!
"My children are older now, but I was reflecting on Christmas past, when they were little. Two memories in particular haunt me in vivid detail. The first was when one of them wanted a Butterscotch Pony, a peculiar equine animatronic plaything so creepy and lifelike that I half-feared I had unwittingly invited a demon into my home (long gone now). This particular toy was also harder to find that year than a second Hope Diamond. I located the last one of the elusive little buggers at Target, bought it, and then realized it was too large to fit into the back seat of my car. I sat on that box in the parking lot for what seemed to be three days while waiting for my wife to arrive with our larger vehicle, all the while avoiding eye contact with the hungry gazes of covetous mothers as they encircled my car and pony-filled box like vultures, just waiting for me to drop my guard so they could swoop in and abscond with my Butterscotch. It was terrifying. The second memory stood in stark, delightful contrast to the first. I loved it when my wife and I would light the candles on the advent wreath, read a Scripture, and say a prayer. In the midst of the sometimes crass craziness of Christmas, I love reflecting on that little wreath..." Click the arrow to read more!
Earlier today, GCS students Chelsea Clark and Andrew Melhart were recognized by the Rotary Club of Tyler as Outstanding High School Seniors. The award is based on their achievements in academics, leadership, and athletics. Congratulations Chelsea and Andrew!
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"I was listening to a great sermon series by Matt Chandler on God's design for men and women, and he was saying that, whereas the two most common sins that men struggle with are passivity and aggression, for women it is comparison and perfection. Chandler notes that it is a particular challenge for moms, because whatever some other mom is doing with her children either creates guilt over our failures in our own children's lives, or forges a false sense of superiority that masks insecurity. The standard for ourselves, our marriages, our children, our bodies, our careers, is perfection, and when we don't have that (because we won't), discontent leads to ungratefulness, ungratefulness to all kinds of worldliness—miles away from the greatness that God created us to live. Mom used to say that "comparison is the thief of joy." That woman was on to something..." Click the arrow to read more!

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