In The Spotlight
In The Spotlight
Thank you notes are interesting social graces in our society. Many folks these days don't even take the time to write them, and when they do ... CLICK THE ARROW FOR THE ARTICLE!
If you're asked if you love Jesus, I know most of us (those who read this, anyway) would answer, "Yes, of course." But, who is it we love? CLICK THE ARROW TO READ MORE
I think when I'm running after work. It's therapeutic; I leave the day on the road behind me. God often speaks to me while I run ... CLICK THE ARROW FOR THE FULL ARTICLE.
If I won the lottery, I have a list of things I'd do with it. I'd probably rent a house in Seaside for a month, so our whole family could see what ... CLICK THE ARROW FOR THE FULL ARTICLE.
I love directing drama–LOVE IT! I love taking a story and telling it well in the forum of live theater. Right now, we are working on ... CLICK THE ARROW FOR THE REST OF THE STORY!

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A parent's best friend.


Grace Community School
Upper Campus
3001 University Blvd.
Tyler, TX 75701
Phone 903-566-5661
Fax 903-566-5639

Lower Campus
3215 Old Jacksonville
Tyler, Texas 75701
Phone 903-593-1977
Fax 903-593-2897

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