In The Spotlight
In The Spotlight
There is no doubt that there are many things we do with our children that are so much safer these days; car seats and seatbelts come immediately to mind. But, in our fervent haste to protect our children, it seems like we often go way to far on the emotional side. In protecting their seemingly-fragile psyches, we wrap them in emotional bubble wrap, creating a non-resilient human being who is ill-equipped to face the challenges of this world. We really don't do praise well...but there are ways we can intentionally change this. To read more, click the arrow!
Come explore the practical implications of the Beatitudes on parenting kids of all ages. Click on arrow for more information.
Wow, this one is a must-read. Jay goes through Genesis 1:1 and pulls out three BIG truths that are immediately applicable for all. Click the arrow to read the full entry!
"I have spent the last week in Uganda. I am here now. I think this is somewhere around my tenth trip to Uganda, working for Parental Care Ministries. I don't pretend that I've made any profound or lasting impact during my time here; not humility, false or otherwise; just fact. Why I keep returning, aside from the fact that I hope and believe that God will be faithful to use whatever little bit we bring to do any good, is that Uganda profoundly changes me..." Click the arrow for more!
Well this is exciting - our first annual Cougar Experience is gearing up to begin! On January 16 GCS will host 6th-12th grade students from other schools so they can get a true taste of what life at Grace is really like. Students will experience academics, student life, meet the incredible faculty at GCS, and end the day with our Neon Pep Rally where sports, drumline, pep squad, drill team and cheerleaders will be highlighted. As an added level of excitement, we are running a pretty AMAZING contest on our official GCS Instagram. If you're a 'grammer, follow us at @gracetylergcs and play along. The main gist is - invite a 6th-12th grade friend to school on January 16. Let's show them what GraceWorld is all about! Registration is open now - click the arrow for more!
"Last fall. I was out of town, enjoying a nice dinner at a nice restaurant with my parents, when my cell phone rang. One of my teachers, who also happened to be driving our charter bus that night to Dallas on a student ministry outing for our church, was on the line. She told me that our bus had just broken down on the side of a busy highway in Dallas. And, it was raining. Heavily. They were getting ready to get the kids out of the bus, so that they wouldn't be struck by another car inside the vehicle as it was stranded on the side of the road. She just wanted me to know. Now, this really wasn't my problem. It was a church group trip. The bus belonged to the church as much as it did the school, and the kids on board were not primarily school kids. Let someone else figure it out, right? Back to my meal, right? Only one problem: my baby was on that bus. Probably wet, cold, and scared. And, Daddy flew into action..." CLICK THE ARROW TO READ MORE.

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