In The Spotlight
In The Spotlight
I've seen a bunch of kids walk out of here surrounded by un-seared kindling. Many times, it was even dampened. In my early days, I thought of those kids as mission failures. "Boy, we messed that one up. If only we had....", I'd think. How foolish I was to think that it depended on me, or that the stacked kindling counted for nothing...until I watched the Holy Spirit, in His sweet precious, perfect time, ignite that kindling. Sometimes, it was long before they walked out of this school. Other times, it was years later... But, that God who loved them passionately and who heard every single prayer uttered from the sometimes-desperate lips of their loving parents never forgot that kindling, and when He was ready to light it, WOW!
​Two GCS sixth grade girls, Aasiah Allison & Madi Rutherford had the chance to represent our entire sixth grade as they delivered hand-written thank you letters to a special group of the arrow for more!
"..when I'm in accountability with someone, or in small groups, or with close friends, I'll talk about things like my health, my marriage, my children, my spiritual walk, sex, and the most intimate details of my life. But, when someone asks about our money, well, now they're meddling in my business. Why is that? What is it about money that becomes the forbidden topic, that is such a hang up?" Click the arrow for more!
On Tuesday, September 30, the GCS high school drum line took first place in their division at the first-ever TAPPS State Drum Line Championships.
"Embracing the Other". Click the arrow to see who we are embracing and what GCS has to do with Diversity Plaza in Queens Country, New York. I think you will be surprised.

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