In The Spotlight
In The Spotlight
"Some things about the Sophomore Slump: 1) This is normal. If your kid is experiencing the Sophomore Slump, it has a name for a reason: it happens to a lot of kids. Your child is not strange, or isolated, or alone. And, just like a hitting slump in baseball, or "junior high boy syndrome," it will end. It is just a season of life. Part of the problem is that so many of these kids struggle, but they sometimes don't talk to each other about it, so they assume they're the only ones who do. Encourage your kid that they're not the only ones. Show them this article, and that someone's actually writing about it. Encourage them to talk to another adult or one of their close friends about it. It helps to know you're normal." TO READ MORE, CLICK THE ARROW.
Please make plans to join us as the GCS Junior High presents The Sound of Music on February 23 and 24, at 7pm in Burgess Auditorium. This classic and well-loved musical will be directed by Delisa Bice and Susan Boylan, and is produced with special permission by Rodgers and Hammerstein. Tickets are $5. For more information, contact Susan Boylan at
"I ordinarily blog on things that are broader in scope than my school context; however, an issue arose recently that God has used to teach me a lot about leadership, unity, and His heart for His people, and I wanted to share it with you." Click the arrow for more.
TJC recently honored a group of GCS seniors at their annual Top Ten Luncheon, where each student was offered TJC's Presidential Honors Scholarship. If the students decide to accept the award, they will participate in the Honors Program with their complete tuition and fees covered for two years. Congratulations GCS seniors!
"Rather than working hard to be persuasive and convince people into doing what I want them to do, God is teaching me instead to cast the vision, what He is laying on my heart, communicating that to others, and praying that He will affirm that in their hearts, as well. If I am hearing from the Lord correctly, they will join with me willingly in His work. If I'm not, I don't need to be working at cross-purposes with Him, anyway. How this works with my kids is similar..."
There is no doubt that there are many things we do with our children that are so much safer these days; car seats and seatbelts come immediately to mind. But, in our fervent haste to protect our children, it seems like we often go way to far on the emotional side. In protecting their seemingly-fragile psyches, we wrap them in emotional bubble wrap, creating a non-resilient human being who is ill-equipped to face the challenges of this world. We really don't do praise well...but there are ways we can intentionally change this. To read more, click the arrow!

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