In The Spotlight
In The Spotlight
Check out the great article in the Tyler Morning Telegraph celebrating GCS student Ben Hinkie as the TAPPS 4A Fine Arts Student of 2013-2014. Congratulations Ben! Click the arrow for the article.
"This is one of my favorite things to do as Headmaster of Grace. I get to be the last voice you hear from at GCS. As I've thought and prayed through how I would send you forth, how I would charge you as you leave here, what kept coming back to me was our core values here at GCS, and how they apply to you now as you're leaving this place..." Click the arrow to read more!
It's pretty easy to start well. The excitement of a new project, a new idea, trip, or school year brings with it excitement, the promise that this time, everything will be perfect. Since life is not a game of perfect, before too long the new project hits a snag; someone raises a powerful counterpoint to the new idea; the trip gets re-routed through Oklahoma City; or, the new teacher expects us to work as hard, or harder, than the old one. When the novelty wears off, so does the fun...TO READ ON, CLICK THE ARROW
"...Next Thursday night's 40th Anniversary Celebration is a spiritual marker, in the same way that an altar or a stack of stones, or an elaborate church built on a significant spot would be. That evening, we will share the story that is common to our entire community, the story of how God brought us here, a story most of us don't even know. Time and time again, there have been opportunities for our school to go in completely different directions, away from the throne of grace. Time after time, God called us back to that which was most important: teaching Jesus." To read the rest, click the arrow!
There are MANY awesome camp options for kids of all ages this summer! Click the arrow to see available camps, register online, and get ready for a summer of fun!
"If I asked you to create two categories, 'personal' and 'ministry', and asked you to put every aspect of your life under one of them, where would you put 'family' or 'raising kids'? Most of us would say 'personal', and while we wouldn't be wrong, necessarily, that's probably the least accurate category of the two..." Click the arrow for more!

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this year we celebrate
grace community school's
40th year of teaching jesus.


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