In The Spotlight
In The Spotlight
On Tuesday, September 30, the GCS high school drum line took first place in their division at the first-ever TAPPS State Drum Line Championships.
"Embracing the Other". Click the arrow to see who we are embracing and what GCS has to do with Diversity Plaza in Queens Country, New York. I think you will be surprised.
This class - so timely. Open to anyone - plan to come Tuesday night to the Burgess Auditorium. Christina Jontra is presenting - hilarity will ensue! AND you will learn something as well. Win-win! Click the arrow for a link to the commercial.
I was thinking the other day about the idea of confession of sins. Confession is not something we teach or talk about much in the evangelical church, and many of us probably don't discuss it much with our children, either. Confession of sins conjures up images of people sitting in a booth in a church, incense and candle smoke wafting, spilling their transgressions to a priest... click the arrow for more!
​Grace took on Azleway for the 8th annual football scrimmage. Take a peek at these news clips to see the real heart of this game. A huge thank you to CBS 19 and KLTV 7 for such a great job covering this! Click on arrow to see

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