In The Spotlight
In The Spotlight
The Christmas story really isn't for kids, when you think about it. The way we tell it, it usually is-sweet baby Jesus, adoring mom... TO READ MORE CLICK THE ARROW.
If I had boys, and I had to pick a biblical character I'd most want them to grow to be like, it wouldn't be Moses... TO READ MORE CLICK THE ARROW.
Before I came to Grace, I was no stranger to waiting. All my life, or at least from the time I was nine...TO READ MORE CLICK THE ARROW.
Who would have ever thought religion would actually be a "safe" topic at the holiday family dinner table? ... TO READ MORE CLICK THE ARROW.
I love Christmastime. When I was young, I couldn't wait for Christmas Day. I looked longingly at the wrapped boxes...TO READ MORE CLICK THE ARROW.
I was recently asked an insightful question. A friend asked me, when I'm in the stadium on a Friday night, and I see my girls cheer...TO READ MORE CLICK THE ARROW.

A parent's best friend.


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