“One step at a time, with Jesus by my side” is the theme of the First Grade’s  Little Bo Peep performance. One of the highlights of First Grade  is sharing this message through the story of Little Bo Peep as she searches for her sheep with hopeful determination. Throughout the production, the audience is reminded that as Christians, we have a constant helpmate in our Lord, Jesus Christ. Each of the first graders will have their moment in the spotlight as they act out the various characters who are helping find the lost sheep. We hope you will join us Tuesday, February 7th for the 27th annual production of Little Bo Peep. Prepare to be blessed as these talented First Graders remind you that it’s by God’s power we find our strength. This will be the 27th performance of Little Bo Peep. It is a wonderful tradition that many students remember even after they graduate from Grace Community School.  Enjoy the pictures from the last 27 years.