Pictured left to right: Andrew (‘15), Suzanne, and Larry Melhart

Suzanne and Larry Melhart joined the Grace Family in 2001 when their son, Andrew, entered junior kindergarten at Grace. Since then, they have been faithful supporters of GCS and a conduit of God’s faithful provision over the school. “We have loved our entire experience at Grace,” they stated.

Over the last three years as Alumni parents, the Melharts have continued to share about their love for Grace and the people God led into their life through their GCS experience. Reflecting back, Suzanne stated, “I truly believe that Grace integrates faith and education in a such way that gave our son one of the most well-rounded educations he could have obtained. Grace prepared our son for the academic rigors of pursuing a degree in biochemistry, but more importantly, he developed a spiritual foundation that he would need as he encountered the challenges of being in a new environment and away from home.”

In addition to Andrew’s formative experience, the Melharts also expressed their thankfulness for the community they found through Grace: “Not only did Andrew find friends for life, but we did as well.” Larry and Suzanne joined Grace Community Church shortly after joining the school, where the Lord led them to a community group composed of parents who were equally eager to dive into God’s Word and spend time in prayer for and with one another. Not only did this create faithful friendships, but it also provided spiritual support and direction for years to come.

The Melharts’ gratitude toward Grace has manifested itself through both their presence and their hearts for giving. In 2011, Larry Melhart Allstate Insurance Agency became a corporate partner for Grace, launching their legacy of gifts to grow Grace Community. “We wish we had more to give,” he remarked, “I still pray that God will provide new ways to do so.” The Melharts have a deep desire to see Grace grow and thrive because they are first-hand witnesses of how a Christ-centered education and the Grace experience can drastically change the life of a family. “It’s so neat to see so many people on the same page wanting the same thing,” said Larry in reference to Grace’s mission.

Grace is deeply blessed by families like the Melharts, whose investment in Grace’s story has helped cultivate its Christian community and grow the God-glorifying platform it stands on today. Thank you, Larry, Suzanne, and Andrew, for the eternal impact you’ve left at GCS!

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